Spring Concert A lot of Love...

This was a very genuinely extraordinary event. Music has always been a true and deep strength of this school and this is on top of the hours of academic work – young learners who push themselves in a broad range of disciplines make interesting adults!

An amazing solo...tears were shed!

However, if I am being totally honest, there have been occasions when I have watched the Middle School Concerts that have been awe-inspiring, yes, for the talent on display and undoubtedly for the clear evidence of hours and hours of practice . But I have also been concerned that there might also be the hint that this polish on top of the veneer might have just knocked some of the ‘enjoyment’ out of it…

Some passionate singing...!
Real focus...

…well, love, enjoyment and laughter were all very visible tonight and this is after a record number of performances due to popular demand! And there was polish in the right places but not at the expense of everything. Your children dazzled us as they stepped out in charge of their moment. Sometimes we can be guilty of leading every moment and I loved the way that Mr Ford let them introduce their pieces, counting themselves in, adjusting their pace in the duet and group pieces and then rightly taking centre stage at the applause!

We travelled the world!
Well done Mr Ford, that was a night to remember…thank you to you and your team!

Tim Calvey

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