French Revolution Jordan etter

King Louise XVI was in debt after helping America in the American Revolution. The first and second estates rejected the proposal to vastly increase the amount of royal revenue that would make them pay taxes. The third estate did not like this proposal. The third estate (commoners) who already pays half of the estates income taxes, now have to give more money. The third estate was so inspired by the enlightenment that they declared themselves a National Assembly.

As time went on, matters got worse for the French civilians. Food was shortened because of the lack of surviving crops. Riots and mobs broke out into the city streets of Paris, and fear crashed over the people when finding out that King Louie XVI would fight back with military forces. July 14, started the day of the revolt. Mobs attacked Bastille to stop the French Army. This attack lead to the execution of King Louie XVI and the destruction of the monarchy.

The French Revolution was a success. The enlightenment was successfully spread and did not bring democracy to France. Economy was based off of personal possessions and new traditions were created. Lastly the government looked away from monarchy and having to adopt liberty and equality.

Napoleon was a hero. Although something's he did we may disagree with but, he was a hero to many. He saw the influence the Roman Catholic Church had on the people. He did not control the churches at all. France never had a good financial system until Napoleon established the bank of France. Napoleon showed leadership characteristics and changed France for the better. He created the Napoleon code.

The Napoleon code regulated uniform laws that spread across the nation. This helped ebolish many enjustices. On the other hand, this code promoted authority and rash order over individual rights of the people. It was believed by Napoleon that if you have a great leader, you will have a strong state. Napoleon created and established high school networks, universities, and schools to prepare men for jobs.

The French Revolution overall affected Frances future. It changed it in a positive aspect. Napoleon took control of almost all of through treaties and battle victories. Napoleon was supported by America in the Revolution.

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