Jackson Square and When she met music

New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz; the city where the music never stops and the people never sleep.

Full of vibrant colors, delicious food, street performers and unforgettable sights and sounds,

my family and I were excited to discover what the city had to offer.

We were visiting my cousins for a week and I was just three years old at the time. As we walked around The Big Easy, I held on tight to my father’s hand as I took in the foreign world before me.

After parking our car, we headed into town. It was warm and sunny out, perfect weather for a day of exploration. We took pictures, ate lunch and even got balloon hats from a vendor nearby.

As we were walking along the streets of New Orleans we heard music being played in the distance. A lively sound of Jazz that had us all excited to find the source. We rounded a corner and entered Jackson Square. As we got closer, we saw a large circle of people gathered around a 5 or 6-piece street corner band. The music was thrilling and everyone around was dancing in one way or another.

My family got to the inner part of the circle and listened, smiles brewing on their faces. The next thing they knew, I was in the very middle of the circle, dancing away with a newfound passion for music.

My family laughed and cheered, and soon enough my cousin joined me as well.

The crowd applauded us on and I was having the best time. As I danced with the musicians, my grandfather leaned over to my dad and said “That girl has music in her blood.”

That’s when they knew that I was going to be a performer. It was the beginning of a life full of music. It was the moment that shaped my whole life for the better; all thanks to the great rhythms of a Dixieland band in the birthplace of jazz.


Devon Rooney

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