Our dedicated team are what makes us BEAM, and after previously sharing with you how to get started in the Market Research Industry, we now want to share our own experiences, and how we've got to where we are today.

Amy Middleton | BEAM Founder & Director

Research is all Amy has ever known. At just 14 years old, Amy got her introduction into the industry by helping out a family friend with admin in her small market research recruitment business. She quickly started helping with recruitment and hosting sessions, as well as helping her family friend set up her own successful field agency and viewing facility. After having her two children, Amy decided to start up on her own as BEAM Fieldwork.

What's your view on entering the industry at this stage in her life?

"I have no regrets about having only worked within research; I love the variety it offers. The skills and experience picked up within the industry can be transferable across many industries."

What have you brought forward in terms of skills and experience?

"I have over 20 years experience in Fieldwork and Recruitment. My experience is not only within the industry, but also within the connections and network I have worked hard to grow and maintain."

"You never get bored in Fieldwork, each project is so different. One week you will be managing an automotive project, the next you’ll be recruiting expectant mums. You learn so much about so many different subjects. Our work is dependent on our relationships with clients and suppliers. BEAM are so lucky to work with such a loyal team."

Alicia Whyatt | Project Manager

Alicia’s degree in Digital Media and Marketing allowed her to gain a snippet of experience in the research industry and she first joined the BEAM team in 2017, as a Project Assistant.

Since, Alicia has managed to successfully work her way up to become a Project Manager, thanks to her can-do attitude and thinking outside the box. Alicia has gained heaps of knowledge and experience within the past three years.

What is the most fun part about your job?

"Knowing that research that we work on can make a positive difference and how much our respondents enjoy taking part. Having such positive feedback from respondents, clients and venues makes the hard work worthwhile."

"Sometimes you must accept things that are out of your control and you must adapt to quick changes. Always keep calm and keep moving forward."

Collette Gartside | Senior Project Manager

With a degree in International Hospitality and Business Management, and having previously worked as a Sales Graduate, a Corporate Account Manager and a Business Development Manager, Collette was excited to join the BEAM team in October 2019 as a Senior Project Manager.

What's your view on entering the industry at this stage in your career?

"I love to learn and develop new skills so I was really excited to start at BEAM with such a talented group of ladies. I continue to learn something from each team member daily, even those in completely different roles to myself."

What have you learnt that's been new and challenging?

"I am a person who likes to be in control so the most challenging part of the role for me has been to hand over control to recruiters and respondents, and to put my trust in them. It's been liberating and scary all in one but luckily we work with some fantastic recruiters which makes my job a lot easier!"

"Definitely the best career decision I have made. If you're considering a career in Market Research, my advice would be DO IT! Be flexible, always put your client and their needs first and smile and have fun along the way!"

Kay Middleton | Senior Project Manager

From her 12 years’ experience working in retail and brand marketing and advertising, there is not one piece of past experience that Kay has not brought to her role at BEAM. From answering phones, to dealing with the general public and leading large multi-faceted teams, every single experience, whether good or bad has been called on at some point in the last 10 months of Kay’s time at BEAM.

What is your view on entering the industry at this stage in your life?

"The switch from advertising to market research has been quite the eye-opener for me. Being a different part in the chain has been interesting and challenging, and I have a whole new respect for the insights and planning functions of brands that I hadn’t quite appreciated before."

"The attraction of working for a smaller company, with a start-up mentality has been was my main driver in fulfilling my desires both personally and professionally to give me a greater choice, more flexibility and the opportunity to make an impact and shape a business."

"Have a head that can wear many hats, have a brain that can navigate many obstacles, have feet that can land many a bounce-back, have a smile that can charm birds from the trees."