A GLIMPSE OF MANHATTAN by: Dannah Magbanua

Being in New York City felt like a hectic dream. Every corner was a cloud of cigarette smoke and rushing commuters, swerving around my tourist pace and constant photo-taking. I felt invincible as I stood inside the subway, holding onto the railing as the train zoomed towards Penn Station in what felt like 100 miles per hour. New Yorkers sat in the train like it was their living room couch: sleeping, watching videos on their phone, or reading a book, the speed never ceased to bother them one bit.

Walking was as crucial as a yellow cab, and pedestrians were not bothered with traffic lights or rowdy drivers. They crossed block after block of the New York grid effortlessly, a daily routine. Central Park emerged in the center of Manhattan like a mound of green planted in the middle of a concrete jungle. The streets crowded of children, horse carriages, pedicabs, and joggers.

A real highlight at Central Park is The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first surprise came from the vast amazing architectural feat it is. Inside, it is home to fine arts ranging from Monet, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Rodin. It features art from Africa, Oceania, Europe, and America. The museum has three floors, and is awe-inspiring in every way. From statues, to oil painting, this place does not disappoint.

Along with the empire state building and rockefeller center, grand central terminal is also a hidden gem within the city.
Created By
Dannah Magbanua


Created with images by Unsplash - "departure platform subway station platform" • shinya - "Central Park" • shinya - "Central Park" • hodgesce13 - "central park new york new york city"

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