The Ocean

The Ocean greatly affects the climate. Ocean currents running across the globe transport warm water to the poles and cold water to the equator, regulating coastal climates and counteracting uneven distribution of solar radiation. The same currents also bring nutrients to all kinds of marine habitats, keeping many animals alive.

There are 5 layers in the Ocean: The Sunlit zone, The Twilight Zone, The Midnight Zone, The Abyssal Zone, and the Hadal Zone. The Sunlit zone is the top layer, easily able to see the sun and subsequently filled with a lot of plant and animal life. This includes coral, common fish like bass, and dolphins. It is quite warm depending on where you are, and the pressure isn't very bad. This zone reaches down to 656 ft. The Twilight Zone cannot see he sun, being very dark and much colder. The pressure increases greatly the farther down you go, and few divers ever dare to go to the Twilight Zone. The marine life here has far less plants since photosynthesis in unavailable, and some animals in here are jellyfish and whales. This reaches down to 3300 ft.

In the Midnight Zone it is very cold and the pressure could kill you. The plant life is mainly algae and anemones, and animals include squid and sharks. This zone goes down to 13000 ft. The Abyssal Zone contains deep sea shrimp, octopus and angler-fish, with little to no plant life. This zone is pitch black, never having any light. The cold is nearly freezing and the pressure would instantly kill a grown man. The Hadal zone is mainly in the deepest trenches, with a few jellyfish, viper-fish and sea cucumbers, but little else. The deepest known part of the layer is 35,814 ft. deep. The temperature goes from 10-4 degrees Celsius, and the pressure is the greatest down here.

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