Story: Cass & Friends photography by carlos chiossone narrated by cass

"Yes, he is one of those dog owners obsessed with taking pictures of his dog, that would be me, Cass."

"He had to show me who was top dog at the studio. OK he won that time."

"Just wait!"

"This is Major, one of my best friends!"

"He is a goofy dog, and one of the few that can catch up to me. OK fine, he always wins!"

"And this is how my modeling career began. I was just making that cute puppy face I am so good at, I just wanted a treat. Woof, little did I know what I was getting into."

"At least I got what I wanted."
"Having tea with mom!"

"It's now getting warmer and lots of dogs were out, so I met a few new friends!"

"I don't remember if all these are of the same dog, there is a 9 month old and a 5 month old. One of them I had to bark at and tell him to get off, then he tried again. Dude at least get a step stool, you are a little short for me"

"I got to have a serious barkoff with my dad about this one. Her name is Rosie, and don't get me wrong, we are great friends. Now, every time she comes here, she runs to my dad, starts kissing him and giving him that sweet look. What's up with that girl? I am the dog, pay attention to me and leave my dad alone"

"OK, yes I am very jealous."

"This little sweet face's name is Maybe. Well maybe I am going to take a chunk out of Maybe. She got all cozy with my dad too, worse she licked his lens, he does not let me do that! So I went after her, but damn she was a tough one, so I had to back down. Worse, my dad benched me, what is the deal with that? - I am not sure if I will ever understand girls!"

"Blue Jean, or is it Bluejean?"

"I like this girl, she looks tough but she is sweet and loves to run, just like me. I mean, look at those eyes."

"Love that bitchy attitude of hers!"

"This was just funny, can that dude shake!"

"This dude is Luke, he was going wild tonight, and I think he bit his tongue. He needs to understand that I am older, well, like 10 in human years, and he is just a puppy, chill Luke!"

"And this is Parker, woof she is cute. Too bad I am not allowed to eat chocolate!"

"Try to catch me!"

"My first head shot!"
"And while I was waiting for that guy to do my head shot!"

"OK, this is what I call life, love my job!"

"But what I really love the most, is hanging with friends!"

"This black cutie is Shep, a little shy at first, but loves to play too"
"I had a great time with him, have more cute pics of him too. Soon will post them, I am on the iPad now, so it takes me longer"
"Belle, we can hear you fine, stop screaming;-) "
"And Ginger, well she thinks she is too much of a lady for rough play. But a few more minutes and we got her going! And Belle, I wonder if she is using those Crest whitening strips, nice canines!"

"Hey, don't be a stranger, this guy really likes taking pictures of me and my friends!"

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