Interactions Allison Belfiori

The Power of Projection

Overview of Projection

Projection dates back to the 1960's, it was referred to as video mapping. Walk Disney had a large effect on projection in the mid 60's. The first illustrations for the Disneyland Park was in 1965, episode of "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Colour". The final attraction didn't open until 1969.

Modern day use of Projection

I believe a good modern day use of Projection, would be in the remaking of a crime scene. You would then be able to see the different locations of either weapons, bodies, and or blood splatter. I think that it would be a good use because, then you would be able to move everything around to make a proper crime scene and watch in "real life" the incident as it took place.

Virtual Environments

(AR & VR)

Overview of Augmented Reality (AR)

"Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with live video or the user's environment in real time." One of the first uses of AR is the use of the yellow line on American Football, it is a virtual marker placed in the real world. "Augmented reality programs are written in special 3D such as D’Fusion, Unifye Viewer or FLAR ToolKit."

Modern Day use of Augmented Reality

A good modern day use that I can think of for Augmented Reality would be as a online virtual shopper. When shopping online I often wonder what the clothes would have looked like on before purchasing. This would be more of vanity use of the product but, I think it would up the sales of online purchases even more. Even more then just trying on clothes, I think that it would work for even glasses and hair styles. I personally much prefer online shopping to that of going to a store.

I think that the hair AR would be one that I would use most often.

Overview of Virtual Reality (VR)

"Digitally created spaces, Definition: “A Computer generated ‘World’ in which the user is engaged with typically via a HMD [Head Mounted Display]” The merging of real world and virtual worlds to produce a new environment where physical and digital objects can co-exist and interact. A mix of augmented reality and virtual reality”"

Virtual Reality through wearing head gear (the giant googles) allow you to see a completely different world. Whether it be that of a video game or a concert. They can transform you to some where else. We got to experience VR in class through playing a sling shot video game.

Sling Shot video game in class.

Modern Day use of Virtual Reality

A good modern day use for Virtual Reality I think would be training doctors. It would give them the practice that they need to preform the surgeries without putting someones life at risk. It of course isn't the exact same but it would give them practice at a beginners level. Besides a beginners level it could be used to teach new techniques that may use new technologies.


Overview of Microcontrollers

"A microcontroller is a small, inexpensive computer, usually used for sensing input from the real world and controlling devices based on that input." Microcontrollers are simple use with inputs and outputs to computers. In class we looked at building mini robots with littleBits by connecting one different magnetic pieces to one another. They were able to to different things from controlling sound, light, or being able to move with wheels. The second that we looked at in class from with Arduino kits. With these we had a simple look at coding and how to make a light turn one. We were shown though about how they could be made to do the task of a computer drawing out a picture/portrait.

Cant tell in this picture but the little light was lit up

Modern Day use of Micro-controllers

I think that a modern day use for Micro-controllers could be used even at a much younger age then when I was exposed to now. At 22 years old this was the first time that I had, had any experience with either the littleBits or the Arduino Kits. If I had seen them at a much younger age, I think that I would have a much greater knowledge in the building of such objects as the little car that was shown in the video or the light up Arduino. I think that it would be a good way for kids get a hands on experience with them.

With the Arduino Kits being able to draw images once it makes the connection with the computer, would it be possible for that information to go farther than computers and connect with human brain? If this is possible it could be a way for someone who has a missing limb to regain the ability to write if they had lost their dominate hand. Even if it wasn't the dominate hand that was lost it could help the person who is missing the limb to regain some sort of normality to their life.

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