Winter wardrobe Check out Junior Tahlia Lehmann's functional and fashionable favorites this season

"I would say I definitely get my inspiration from a lot of different places. I like to mix and match some things from vintage and modern and combine the two."

PUFFER JACKET: These warm jackets are in almost everyone’s closets this season. They can go with virtually any outfit for a polished, comfy look.

How to wear: “I love my puffy jacket,” Lehmann said. “It’s good for the winter.”

The jacket works well with almost any outfit and is great for going out in the cold.

“It was just supposed to be my winter coat, but it happened to be something that came in to be trendy and the puffiness of it is actually really fun.”

Best place to buy: Calvin Klein, TJ Maxx

Price: $60-$100

DOCS: “I would say my staple would be my Dr. Martens,” Lehmann said. “They’re perfect for winter and fun.”

How to wear: Pair these trendy combat boots with ripped jeans and layers on top for a streetwear look.

Best place to buy: Urban Outfitters, Free People, ASOS

Price: $140

LOTS OF LAYERS: Layering is essential for winter. Not only is it trendy, fun and easy to do, but it helps protect from the bitter cold.

How to wear: “I usually like to layer things,” Lehmann said. “I just wear some sort of fun jeans or pants. I also wear dresses a lot, but normally with tights in the winter.”

FAUX FUR: “I don’t have any real [fur jackets], they’re all vegan,” Lehmann said. “They’re really comfy, it’s like I’m wearing a blanket at school.”

How to wear: Lehmann recommends pairing the jacket with leggings, comfortable jeans. If she wants to dress it up, she’ll wear a dress or skirt.

Best place to buy: TJ Maxx, Urban Outfitters

Price: $30-$50

"Fashion is fun," Lehmann said. "Find the best trends you can for the cheapest you can."


Morgan Womack

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