Child labor By: Adam rodriguez

Child labor is about working for no pay in bad conditions. Like most children on earth have to work in bad places. Some kids choose to work to provide for their families. Kids make 4.25 and hour which isn't much. Some kids go home with no money which is hard for most kids.

In these places kids work in unhygienic places. In the video that we watched on child labor, it showed a little girl, mabey 4 or 5 years old checking a pile of used needles. When she might have gotten cut by diseased needles, she had to go wash it off and go back to work. She might have been infected already.

A U.S department made a law that children had to be 15 or older to work. Many laws by this department weren't passed but that one was. Another law this department made was that children have to be paid for working, it had to be no less than 4.25$ an hour.

In the late 1700s to the late 1800s a factories replaced hand worked machines into driven machines, most of the workers quit becuase of this becuase that meant that the workers would get less pay so the boss got kids to work and he didn't pay them for working then that when they had a money law.

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