How to build a popsicle bridge By: Sydne Stinnett

Materials you will need

4 rubber bands, newspaper, elmer's glue, 297 popsicle sticks, 4 water bottles, and a decent amount of paper clips

Bottom sides of the bridge
  1. Place newspaper down.
  2. Take one popsicle stick and put a decent amount of glue on one end of the stick.
  3. Then, take another stick and press the end of your new stick onto the one you just put glue on.
  4. Next, put a paper clip securely over where the two sticks meet, so they won't fall apart.
  5. Now, do the same steps as before, but glue a new stick under the last stick on its end and paper clip this also.
  6. Repeat these steps 9 times (remember to alternate the sticks - over, under).
  7. There will be a line 12 alternating sticks. It should now look like the picture above.
  8. Repeat this process 4 times, so you have 4 long lines of sticks.
  9. Let dry over night.
Sides of the bridge
  1. Start with the yellow highlighted part, as the picture above shows.
  2. Lay the lines of sticks flat of the desk and you will see openings where the sticks aren't touching.
  3. In every opening of the stick lines, glue a stick vertically in the openings.
  4. After you glue the sticks in the openings, put a paper clip over them so they will stay securely.
  5. Repeat this step with the other line.
  6. Let dry over night.
  7. Next, start with the X shapes, as shown above.
  8. On the first two vertical sticks of the line, glue both tips of another stick sideways (going down - up).
  9. Repeat the previous step 7 more times, so all the vertical lines have a stick connecting them.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 on the other line of sticks.
  11. Now, flip lines over CAREFULLY, so that the sticks won't fall off that were previously glued.
  12. Now that the bridges are flipped, cross a stick the opposite way of the one on the back, so it makes an X shape.
  13. Remember to place the stick like before, sideways on the vertical lines.
  14. Now, all of the sticker you placed sideways should look like X's.
  15. Let dry overnight.
  16. Above the X's place a horizontal stick connecting the two vertical lines.
  17. Flip the bridge around and place another horizontal stick connecting the two vertical lines.
  18. Repeat step 17, remember to alternate the sticks every time you put one down.
  19. Let dry over night.
Bottom of the bridge
  1. Hold up two sides of bridge and place 4 water bottles in between the two sides (see the picture above for reference).
  2. Wrap 4 rubber bands around both the water bottles and the bridge securely.
  3. Now, about an inch from the first vertical stick, glue a popsicle stick evenly on top of two lines of sticks (as seen highlighted in picture above).
  4. Repeat the previous step 9 more times.
  5. Once you're done placing the sticks, place another stick connecting two sticks.
  6. Place the stick that connects the two sticks sideways (see in picture above, down - up).
  7. Repeat placing sideways sticks (7) on every stick on top of the sides.
  8. Let dry over night.
Top of the bridge
  1. Take off the rubber bands and take out the water bottles that had previously held up the bridge securely.
  2. Repeat the same steps as the bottom of the bridge, only put the sideways sticks the opposite way as the ones on the bottom (as seen in the highlighted picture above).
  3. Let dry over night.
Base of the bridge
  1. Place 6 sticks flat, side by side and put glue all over one side of the bunch of sticks.
  2. Let dry over night.
  3. Place the 6 flat sticks horizontally.
  4. Now, stack and glue 4 sets of 6 sticks directly on top of each other.
  5. Place and glue 2 sets of those sticks on the horizontal flat sticks near the right (shown in picture above).
  6. Leave small space in between the 2 sets of sticks.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, but place the sticks on the left side of the horizontal flat sticks.
  8. Repeat steps 1-6 for the other base on the other side of the bridge.
  9. Let dry over night.
  10. Take your bridge and place the last two sticks that stick out on each side into the small gaps made in step 6.
  11. Put as much glue as needed to keep it in place.
  12. Let dry over night.
  13. Finally, you are finished with your bridge!

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