9 Weeks Review Jacob McComb

Big Businesses

These 3 men single handily ran the industrial revolution. J.P. Morgan was in charge off all the banking and money. John D Rockefeller was in charge of all oil, and Andrew Carnegie was in charge of all the steel. They are pretty much responsible for developing our country.

Gilded Age

Railroads became the number one use of transportation for everything. During this time we also gained better communication from the invention of the telegraph first. Then later on down the road Mr. Bell invented the telephone. During this time as well Henry Ford shocked the world with the first Model T car.

Progressive Era

This era was all about change and reform on all levels, State, Social, and Government. Muckrakers were a huge reason for all of it. They wrote about all these terrible scandals and brought them to the publics eye. The 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th amendments were all reforms by the Federal Government.


Imperialism is just the idea of extending a country's power and influence through most times war or violence. There are 5 steps or phases to do in order to achieve it. The first step is to become a fit nation. The second step is pick a fight with another nation, preferably a weaker one to make things easy. The third step is fight a war. The fourth is to make promises with neighboring countries. The fifth and final step is to sign a peace treaty.

World War 1

The first major war to ever happen. There were two sides to this war. There were the Allied powers which consisted of Great Britain, France, and USSR. The other side were the Axis powers which consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The US tried to stay neutral for as long as possible until things got to out of hand. This was the first war where we saw new weapons and a completely different kind of warfare. Poison gas, tanks, planes and even submarine warfare.

Roaring 20's

This was the age of big social change and political change. For the first time Americans moved from farm to live in cities. People all over the world were starting to become more alike. They dressed the same, listened to the same music, danced the same, etc. This time also brought us things like speakeasies. These were caused because of the prohibition era. The 20's weren't all bad though, the 20's also came with more automobiles and more people traveling around. Most people would go to the drive in movies and such every week.

Great Depression/New Deal

This was the worst time for America. We literally hit rock bottom. The stock market crashed and messed everything up. Farmers lost their farms because people couldn't buy their goods so the farmers couldn't pay the bank loans. Banks went out of business because those farmers couldn't pay. When the banks closed everyone who had money in the bank lost it. Roosevelt planned to save the day by creating these New Deal Programs. They were designed in a communist fashion in order to get people working again and get America back on track.

World War 2

This war was just a big mess and it was mainly Germany's fault. The Munich Conference was supposed to help prevent war, There was an agreement signed by Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy which gave the Sudetenland to Germany. That wasn't enough for Germany though. They later invaded and took over the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark and others. This is when everything hit the fan. All the countries around realized they couldn't let Germany become this powerful.

Cold War

This war was because of Capitalism and Communism. During this war Churchill gave a speech called the Iron Curtain which basically symbolized the divide of Europe. The main idea behind this war was "containment", theory to stop the spread of communism. The US helped out a lot in the war. The Marshall plan came along and helped rebuild Europe after they got destroyed. When the Soviets blockaded Berlin we decided that we'd just airlift them supplies to help.


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