George Washington As an INDIVIDUAL you might, but TOGETHER we will.

George Washington deserves your trust because he lead us to victory at multiple places and risked his life so we could have the freedom we have right now. Washington clearly has wonderful leadership skills and he has plans to help us as individuals. He also wants us to come more together.
George Washington and his Cabinet

How do we know George Washington is not going to take over and make the United States like England? George Washington has chosen a strong cabinet with people such as Thomas Jefferson as the Secretary of State. Thomas Jefferson is right for this job because he knows how to communicated with other people and he's not to weak to be in this position. Also Alexander Hamilton is the Secretary of Treasury, Alexander is right for this job because he knows how to handle the world economy.

The Elastic Clause is important to us because this was no group of congress will have more power than any other. It's important that no one gets too much power because we don't want to follow in England's footsteps.

Washington and Hamilton will make us debt free! They will be able to make us debt free because they have plans for less but better taxes. Alexander wants to have the richer men pay so they poor people wont have to. This helps everyone in a way. The poor can worry more about other things than having to pay more taxes and the richer men will be helping everyone to get out of debt!

Washington DC will be a perfect place for the capital of the United States. Washington DC will be a great place for the Capital because the southern states would only accept Alexander Hamilton’s financial plan for federal assumption of northern states’ debt if the Capital was closer to the north.

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