Syrian refugee crises By Ryne P.

First, many of the countries that are helping don’t have the resources such as Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, and Israel. These countries have taken in more than 4.7 million people, whereas the US has only let about 6,700 in this year. The US has around 3,536,278 sq miles were as Jordan has 35,637 sq miles. That means the US is close to 100 times bigger than Jordan.

Second, the US needs to have diversity to make the country better. Different opinions, perspectives and ideas that can be shared make us all better. We are a country made up of immigrants the US is the wealthiest country because of this. If there was one person who chose how everybody had to do everything then people that did not like those things would be miserable. An example is if we all had the same culture then the best of each culture would not be able to be shared.

The refugees also have to live on very little water, and the water that they can get is often dirty and filled with diseases. Thirty percent of camps don’t have waste disposal systems so the camps are very messy. Some people say they have what they need, but would you want to live like this? I don’t think so.

Lastly, it is inhumane to not help people suffering. Millions of refugees are living in camps with a little shed type house and very little water and food according to Unite For Sight. A man said “I spent years in a refugee camp in Syria, and there I watched two young boys, perhaps twelve years old, fighting so viciously over rations that one kicked the other to death over food.”

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