Good Lives a tour of the Florida Museum of natural history

Nature on Display

I, like most of the other visitors, found the butterfly garden to be the most interesting exhibit. This exhibit really was able to immerse you in nature by literally putting you in nature. By seeing all these different butterflies up close, you can really understand how wonderful these creatures are. You get to see how thin their wings really are but yet how they fly seemingly without any effort. Or you see how well adapt they are to the environment as they camouflage themselves and only pop out at the last second. In the wild you can't get this close to this many, making it hard to see these things. For this reason, I found this to be the most enjoyable experience.

Nature and Ethics

The exhibit on the Calusa society left me with a sense of responsibility to nature. In this exhibit you learn a lot about their fishing practices. While fishing was their main source, they did it responsibly which the exhibit focused most on. They didn't over fish or waste any of the fish. And at one it goes to show how the Europeans that took over this land haven't been responsible and have put the fish population in jeopardy. When reading this part I felt angry that we could allow this happen when those before us were able to do it without all these negative effects. While this exhibit didn't seem to strike most people, the butterfly garden did seem to. Others in that exhibit seemed to care more about keeping an environment for things like that to thrive. Overall I feel the museum did as Leopold had wished.

The Human Spirit

This exhibit in particular helps us step out of every day life by showing us what came before us. When you realize how far earth has come it really puts your life in perspective. Seeing beasts from millions of years ago gives you a certain sense of awe you can't get anywhere else. One particular part of this I found interesting was the globes of the world from each time period. It seems crazy that the geographical borders of our world were so different and changed so much to get where we are now. Seeing our far reaching past really helps us to understand the majesty of the world we live in.

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