The Beginning of Thy Revolution Abdi, Fatuma

The French Revolution was caused by the people of French taking ideas from the American revolution and realizing that they did not want to be ruled by the king as well. They heard ideas expressed by great philosophers and started to get inspired by them. The representatives of the 3rd estate came up with the idea of coming together and making the tennis court of outh when they found out that the two other estates were constantly gaining the upper hand and that the king was not going to consider their idea. The French Revolution was a fail because they failed to establish anything, they constantly came up with ideas of how they wanted to be ruled, but all of them failed. Like for example, the reign of terror convicted of many deaths, this was the french's attempt of establishing a government. Due to the citizens thinking that getting executed for being gains the idea of a new government, they executed Robespierre.

The reign of terror was an era that started when Robespierre become motivated to execute anyone that spoke against the revolution. People were unable to speak their opinion. During this time, thousands of people were executed. If you were even slightly suspected to be against the revolution, you would have been either beaten by a mob or eleminated almost immediately. The reign of terror took away many people's voices, many were not allowed to speak up, and many were consumed by fear. However, when the people had decided that they have had enough, they came together and executed Robespierre. Although they had gotten ride of Robespierre, the citizens had begun to get frustrated because they were unable to receive the freedom and rights they had expected to gain from every government they had gotten so far.

I believe that napoleons was a bad person. I think this because Napolean came and took the throne of the French. The French had been working extremely hard to get ride of the idea of absolute monarchy, but napoleon had literally washed away all of their hard work and had just driven them back to square one. Another reason why I believe that napleon is a bad guy was because, he took a throne that did not belong to him and began acting as thought he took a part in the horrific experiences that the French had to go through just to get a government they can be proud of. It would have been more understandable if he had been there with the French and had fought besides them to attain a stable government before he became the ruler. But he didn't, he came from another place and sat on a throne that did not belong to him.

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Fatuma Abdi


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