Photo Challenge May 2020

Honorable Mention - Joel Le. JUDGE COMMENTS: I like the sunset vibe and the contrast of the windows in the buildings. It seems like you can feel them. || It has a very simple composition and the sunset feel!
10th Place - Mandy Pelton. JUDGE COMMENTS: I’ve seen this location a thousand times but what makes the whole thing work is the wavy water line at the bottom. That line almost overshadows the whole impressive skyline. || Excellent use of interesting foreground elements. The undulating shoreline seems to imitate the distant skyline. || I like the color and symmetry. The city buildings are the brightest objects and the center of attention.
9th Place - Azgan Mjeshtri. JUDGE COMMENTS: You really get the quaint city feeling in this photo with a hint of peacefulness because of the lack of people. Makes me want to go sit down at one of the tables and take it all in. || Love the wet, gritty nature and the textures.
8th Place - Jim Trewin. JUDGE COMMENTS: This is my top choice because it really communicates the energy of the city street. I love the colors, the composition and the light and shadows. It has a feel of movement to it. || I feel like I'm in the city, or that I want to be; this image has great emotion.
7th Place - Mick Haupt. JUDGE COMMENTS: Amazing photo of Seattle skyline! Well composed, good tone. Feels like the city is rising out of the forest. || Strong contrast; love how the Needle pops.
6th Place - Gary Nomura. JUDGE COMMENTS: Iconic, and the perfect balance of waning daylight and approaching nightlife. || I like how the city colors reflect on the water. Also the starburst effect on the bridge adds a nice touch. || Vibrant hues || Absolutely beautiful due to the rich colors.
5th Place - Mick Haupt. JUDGE COMMENTS: I LOVE the colors of the pond and the feel of the city vs. nature, or the nature in the midst of the city. || Love the colors and composition || This image contrasts the bright green pond algae with the bright blue sky which is mediated by the buildings.
4th Place - Tim Moon. JUDGE COMMENTS: I love the near and far elements, high dynamic range, and old-world theme with no modern buildings. || Beautiful framing and light. I think that landscape/skyline photos can be really challenging to execute well. This image has a thoughtful composition. || Love the clarity of the image and the perspective it gives. || Love the contrast between the large, dominant building on the left and the smaller buildings to the right.
3RD PLACE - GARY NOMURA. JUDGE COMMENTS: Strong leading lines and movement || Great capture of the bustle of San Francisco. You get the feel of a city that doesn’t sleep. Great colors, great clarity. || I love the warm lights and cool sky going on in this long exposure. There is a lot of vibrancy and the composition is pretty good along the thirds lines. || This photo gives off a really cool city night vibe! I appreciate the composition and colors for a night shot.
2ND PLACE - MANDY PELTON. JUDGE COMMENTS: Love the tone and perspective here. Every region of this photo has so much wonderful detail for the viewer to explore. || Love the leading lines, the unique structures, the gritty texture. || Great Chicago picture. Love the angle of perspective, bridges, parallel, and leading lines. Good natural colors. || I love the composition, colors, and sharpness! It shows a lot of depth with the bridges and the buildings. It's a very aesthetically pleasing photo to me.
1ST PLACE WINNER - TIM MOON. On 11 of 15 ballots. JUDGE COMMENTS: Marvelously minimal shot. Nicely framed and just enough interior lighting to create a sense of depth and atmosphere. || This would be an awesome Soularium image. || In my opinion, this is the most creative interpretation of the theme. I love how the artist communicates the crowdedness of the city through a small frame - shot through a single window. Very well executed. || My top pic - it tells a story about life and scale within a skyline picture.
Thank you to my panel of judges, listed in order of when they got their response to me. And didn't bribe any of these people to vote for me.