The Divine By Elif Portakal

Whenever I first entered the Constans Theatre I immediately felt a sense of peace and lightheartedness, which was an odd feeling. The auditorium was truly magical. I felt the intensity of the emotion within the building as soon as I stepped inside. I could feel the amount of passion and love that had been poured into the building/stage/theatre in such a deep way. I sat at the very back of the auditorium because I had been running late from practice and all the other seats were full. I think the location of my seat was perfect because I could see the entire stage and every aspect of the play clearly.

Social Experience

I attended the performance with my roommate/teammate. We didn’t have much time to get ready because we had a practice right before. I wish that we could have discussed our thoughts and excitement beforehand, but I was a lot more interested and excited about the play than she was. It was really cool to see her interest intensify as the play developed because she was dreading the time that was going to be spent watching the play. Her mood completely changed after just a little bit of time and that was really neat to experience and feel her energy rise as her curiosity of the play deepened. I also really liked sitting among a bunch of random strangers as well, because although we might not have known each other personally -- we all had the same interest in this play and were feeling a lot of the same emotions. I was even able to discuss with a couple people who were seating near me my thoughts on the play and see what they thought as well. The role of shared experience in the Good Life As explained in the scope section of the Sharing the Good Life module: “Sharing the Good Life leads students to understand how the good life depends on developing personal relationships with others and the impact that society has on our effort to achieve the good life.” If I were to have experienced the play by myself it would not have been as special, which is exactly what this aspect of the Good Life is about.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Because the time period that this play is set in is in the year 1905, the culture obviously was a lot different than how it is in society today. It made me extremely grateful to live in the time that we do now without having to worry as much about the issues that are present within this story, such as: class, gender, hazardous working conditions and poor labor laws. The central issue that is addressed within this story is in my opinion, the battle against self and the truth of whatever it is one is concealing, will always be brought to the light. I knew before attending the performance that sometimes people fake, or put on a mask of how they really feel or what their passions are, because of how they think society will respond to these things. I don’t think this is as much of an issue today because the majority of people in society are more open-minded, but it definitely still happens. I also had heard the phrase “the truth will always come to light” several times prior to attending this performance, but the play truly embodied this idea of internal struggles being brought to the surface. I really didn’t have any prior knowledge of the Catholic faith and it really opened my eyes to many things that I had no idea existed such as the power and esteem that the authority figures the Catholic church possessed, like Brother Casgrain’s character. I couldn’t relate on a deep level to the themes or ideas presented in this play, but I still can appreciate the life that I have a lot more after watching the conditions in which people had lived through during this time.

Emotional Experience

I felt an immense sense of curiosity and was really eager for the play to begin. My heart actually began to pound whenever the lights dimmed and the audience quieted. The size of the auditorium was smaller than I thought it would be, but because I had never been to a theatre before I really didn’t know what to expect but the spatial experience provided by the Constans Theatre adjusted my mood exactly where it needed to be in order to experience the play fully and in the right state of mind. The role of place in The Good Life goes right along with the idea that I just discussed. It was an amazing opportunity that we could actually speak with the actors and had a chance to ask questions. They all were really interested about people’s thoughts about the play.

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