My Carve By: Lauren Wright

This is my carving of a dog. The reason why I chose a dog is because I love dogs and dos impact my life. Dogs are great caring , loving, kind, etc animals that you can play with and you can cuddle with when you are lonely. A dog can never get to much love. This carving is based on my 11 year old dog, Cody. And this is why I love dogs and why they impact my life so much.

What I had t do to prepare my carving was pick out a photo of a carving then I wanted. I chose a dog because Dogs are a huge part of my life. Then I traced the picture in photoshop. How I put my carving into Easel is I saved my picture as "saved as" then saved it as JPEG. So, then In went to easel and put in my carving. But when I put it into easel to prepare to carve the lines, the lines were to thin so \ I had to retrace the lines thicker about 3 times.

How the machine works to carve your carving is it first plans out plan of how it is going to carve. Then I started tracing the first layer of the print. What I mean when I say it carver is tracing the first layer of the carving is the block is thick so it needs to retrace the same area multiple times so the needle can reach the center of the block which is where the color is. What I had to do to prepare then block for the carving is Mrs. Kushner showed me how to tighten the sides/corners so the craving would not move when being carved. What I did to clean up the machine is I used a vacuum to clean up the mess.

What I learned about the carve is hat the carver is a series of patterns that makes the carving of your dreams. These patterns make you carving.

How my project turned out is, exactly how I wanted it to turn out. it had the lines in the right places. But the only thing that I would change is the eyes. he eyes are to big because the dots are to small. What I am most proud of is the shape of the body of the dog. What I could improve on is the dog' eyes because they are weird looking. What was the most difficult thing was the body of the dog. This project was awesome in all ways of friends being able to help you and the end turn out of all the hard work I had put into it.

Created By
Lauren Wright

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