Melissa Johnson Nerd by nature; Librarian by choice

Personal Brand - What is it?

I think of personal brand as a motto or tagline you use to represent yourself socially online. My personal brand, or tagline, is "Nerd by nature; Librarian by choice" as it quickly provides visitors an overview of who I am and what I do. Plus, it makes me laugh. Below is a short video I created explaining my view.

InDesign: Recipe Spread

Well, I delved into InDesign this week and it definitely has a steep learning curve. Nevertheless, I think it is a very powerful tool and I want to keep experimenting with it so I can better learn how to use it. I'm glad that we were supplied a template as I think a blank page/canvas is the hardest step to overcome. I am happy that I was able to figure out how to change the colors of my template to match the "Starters" supplied swatch. It took some doing but I persevered!

Deviled Eggs Recipe

The online class was interesting. I enjoyed hearing about the history of publishing as well as seeing a live demonstration of InDesign. Although the document demonstrated was almost a decade old, I was very much impressed with its interactivity and the creative design. It gave me something to aspire to!

Photoshop: Headshots

In the photo grid below, you'll find the original image (top right), the edited image (bottom left), and the finished headshot (left). The photo was taken by a co-worker of mine outside the building I work in. You'll notice that the original image is somewhat dark.

To start my editing process, I used Match color on this photo against a different photo that had better lighting. Then, I used the raw camera filter to adjust the overall look of it. The edits made the photo more vibrant and brighter. I also used the Patch tool to clean up some blemishes and the Magic Wand tool to help whiten my teeth as they looked more yellow than they really are.

I enjoyed playing around with Photoshop but still have much to learn. I am looking forward to learning how to better use throughout the remainder of this course. Overall, I am proud of my headshot and plan to incorporate it in some outside sites.

Outdoor headshots

InDesign: Visual CV

This week I worked on making my existing resume more visually pleasing. Since I work in a university setting, I wanted to keep the overall feel of it as professional as possible but include some of my personality and add some aesthetics to the document.

So far, I have found that InDesign is fairly tricky to use. Although it has the same menu structure as Photoshop, it's really different and I had to be very careful in what I selected and how I edited it. This especially came into play with Paragraph and Character styles as it was so easy to apply the wrong style throughout the document.

After reviewing some of the resumes and CVs on Behance, I really wish that I could transform my resume even more visually. There are some amazingly creative people and I am in awe of their talent. The major takeaway from this week is that I would love to start using InDesign more to transform documents. I think that it's just a matter of using it more so I become more comfortable with the platform.

Visual CV using InDesign

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