Classroom To Community Creating Positive change with Open and Renewable Assignments

Traditional Assignments Versus Classroom to Community (C2C) Assignments

Traditional Assignments:

  • instructional tasks are limited to the current space and time of the course
  • the assignment is: directed by the instructor, received by the student, produced by the student, graded by the instructor, and ends with the student receiving a grade. (Cyclical Drawing to demonstrate- can be done for unlimited as well.)
  • course materials required to complete the assignment are not open
  • student created content is not shared beyond the instructor when they are grading the assignment.
  • the assignment does not include community engagement
  • there is not any type of collaboration or communication outside of the transfer of the assignment from the instructor to the student and back to the instructor for grading

C2C Assignments:

  • innovative learning tasks
  • learning beyond the classroom
  • renewable
  • utilize open and affordable content
  • the resources students create as part of the process are shared openly
  • increase community engagement by asking students to solve problems with innovative solutions for positive change
  • collaboration occurs in some form whether it be between the student and members of the community, students in another course, campus or institution.
  • grading is based on a rubric that the student and faculty member mutually agree upon.
  • student directed learning
  • digital fluency skills utilized in the process of creating a digital artifact that will live beyond the end of the course.


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