Journey Log

Justin Wilcher-Skankhunt42


Journey Log #1


Habits of mind being used: Reflecting and Exploring

This week I learned in depth about the habits of mind; reflection and exploration. Through learning about reflection I now see the importance of self-expression. Before this class I never truly thought about how I expressed myself to begin with. I learned when I was young in elementary school about Helen Keller’s awful circumstances and what she went through. However, I never learned about how she used her acquisition of language to express herself. I gained a lot through reading about the reflection of her life and what she went through. I understand the hardships she faced and how she overcame them, and this made me realize that with every obstacle in life it is about how i overcome it and what I learn from it. I realize that I need to take away from this by expressing myself through language. I am honestly not sure how I can do this yet but that’s why I have time to explore, which gets me into the next habit of mind.

Exploring is an important part of my life especially in the next coming years throughout and after college. At this point I am not sure what I am exploring for. This does not worry me at all, not one bit, because as talked about in our reading, Christopher Columbus did not know what he was exploring when he discovered North America. He set out on an adventure to go around the world and reach India, he then unexpectedly discovered new lands no one had seen or heard of. I expect to relate this to my journey throughout life. I have set out on an adventure starting with college, however I have no idea where I will end up as well as I am also charting undiscovered territory just as Christopher Columbus did.

After discussing Kairos and Metanoia i reflected about failure. It was a time attack so I had to think on the spot about a time I failed and how I overcame it and what I learned from it. The first thing to come to my head was the time I plagiarized in 10th grade. I can connect the habit of mind, reflecting, to this assignment as I truly had to figure out what I gained from that experience. I had to ask myself did I truly become a better person, a better student, or even a better writer after that. After asking myself all these questions under the brief five-minute window, I discovered I learned the consequences of my actions and how serious it was that I plagiarized. I realized if I were to ever do something like that in college I would be much worse off than before. As a person I feel that I always grow from my mistakes, just as many people do, it is what makes us human.

I gained a lot through expanding my knowledge of the habits of mind. I had habits of mind in my four years of high school and I would consistently use them in English. However, they never went that deep into the meaning of them like I learned about with reflection and exploration. I also never had to put them into practical use when expressing ourselves like I have done with this essay. It was more of doing an assignment and then afterwards assigning which habits of mind I used. With these assignments I have to actually use the habits of mind to create and learn about myself. I am looking forward to learning more of these words and how I can use them not only to grow as a person but to figure out how to express myself in different ways through language.

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