Fitt and Said Balraj 8-F

What does FITT mean?

F- Frequency, so how often you exercise. Example: If you work out about every day so 5 times a week you have the frequency part down, but if you work out once a week well you might want too change that.

I - Intensity, how hard you exercise. Example: If you strive for excellence everyday, pushing towards your goal by not eating sweets and pushing really hard when your at the gym you'll achieve it. But if you have no intensity and your stuffing your face with chips and whenever you go to the gym if that is you don't push yourself and give it your all. In a way you are cheating yourself.

T- Time, how long you exercise. Example: For time you need to balance it out because you don't want to be at the gym for like 3 hours because then your muscles will get extremely sore and you'll regret it after. So if you go to the gym for 15 minutes and come back then buckle up because you have a long ride ahead of you, but if you go to the gym for 1 hour -1 hour and 15 minutes that is a good range. If you are in really bad shape you can maybe start of with 30-45 minutes.

T- Type, what kind of exercises you do. Example: First, before you just start using machines not knowing what the heck your doing you should know what your trying to do. So if your really skinny and want build lean muscle, if your really big and chubby you want to loose fat, or even if your a medium guy and want to put on big muscles to get jacked there are certain exercises to do that. Say if your really skinny and want to get a six pack you will need to eat more but healthy like mashed potatoes or grilled chicken to bulk up because in order to get muscle you need protein and carbohydrates. You also need to do certain exercises like sit-ups or the abdominal hold.

These are the basic FITT principles.

What does SAID mean?

S - Specific, this means that you should be doing specific exercises to your goals. So if you want big biceps don't be going and doing exercises for your forearms not knowing what your doing. But if you want big triceps and your working that muscle out eventually it will get big. So you should do specific exercises in order to reach your goal. You also need to be specific towards your goals so if you want to have big arms that's to raw you need to make it more specific maybe you want larger forearms or larger biceps but you need a specific part to start of.

A - Adaptation, this basically means the action to suit going to the gym and making it a regular thing. So say its like a new environment that your getting used to. This also has to do with the exercises you do. If you are doing 20 push ups at the start and that gets easy you should add it to make it more challenging. It should never be easy for you and if it is good add more and keeping pushing and grinding to a great physic. Example: Starting of by doing 30 sit-ups then when that gets easy you add and a bad example of that would be starting of by doing 30 sit-ups but not adding even when it gets easy. And at last adaptation is also when the whole body is in some stress so in this case you will be really sour but after a while you won't be because your body has adapted. Example: So if you do a pull-ups everyday then your body will adapt and those pull-ups will be no problem.

I - Imposed, means something that you want, but in this case it would stand for the specific demands that you want and to achieve. So you have to be willing to put in the effort to achieve what you want. You can't be like I sorta want it, but I will start tomorrow. No, non of that mojo because you need to get up and achieve what you want. You have to say that you can do it

D - Demands, the demand basically is what you do. So if you sit around all day like a bum your body will adapt to those demands of you sitting around all day. But if you are healthy and do exercise your body will have to adapt to those demands. This also shows why it is harder for people that sit around all day to get into the gym, there body will have to adapt to the new demands.

This is a great quote which links to what I am talking about. It means that after you start giving it your all it will become an everyday habit like brushing your teeth it will be easy as counting 1,2,3 that"s why you need to find ways to make it harder.

How do Fitt and Said Benefit you?

There are many ways fitt and said can benefit you from a heather lifestyle to a body you and others admire. First, you will always be up for challenges and will never take the easy way out because you are always challenging yourself in the gym. Second, you will live a better lifestyle and your body on the inside and outside will be amazing because you are working out very often. Third, you will think twice before you put something in your body because your trainer is always educating you on this. Fourth, you will feel great yourself because you have that ideal body that you've always wanted. Plus you will feel great inside because you won't get that sick because you are eating healthy. Fifth, this will encourage you to take on other things that you've always wanted to learn how to do like maybe skating or swimming and this will encourage you because you got an great body that everyone wants if you can do that I'm sure you can learn how to swim or skate. Also when you think of said think of you get what you train for and when you think of fitt, being fit. Those were some benefits FITT and SAID might give you.

Here is a before and after picture of a man who gave his all to get a great body and a great life style for him. Now take this as motivation and stop reading this presentation and go go go hustle and get that body you want because you can get it its just how hard you try. Now stop marking presentations and start exercising.

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