To Kill a Mockingbird Point of view assignment by J bennington

Entry 1 : The Fire

Point of View: Atticus Finch

Today was a very long day for me, and it's just not seeming to end. Miss Maudies' house has caught fire and is burning down. I was debating on letting Scout sleep, after her long day, but I decided this was something important for her to see. Everyone in the town is here, and I mean everyone. It's important for Scout to see that this town can come together as a community and help each other, even if we disagree. It shows how the town will protect one another in the face of physical danger. I'm also not sure how I feel about that Arthur Radley coming out of his house though. I don't want him to get wrapped up in the drama of this town, and I most certainly do not want him putting anymore thoughts into Jem and Scouts head, they are already obsessed enough.

Entry 2: Mrs. Dubose's Death

Point of View: Jem

I don't understand how I'm suppose to feel right now, I hated Mrs. Dubose, and I hated every moment I was forced to go and read to her. But now that I know the truth about who she was, I feel almost guilty for feeling that way. Atticus used her morphine addiction to show me what real courage, and how what she did takes way more courage than Atticus with a gun. I'm just mad that the whole time I wasn't being punished for the flower garden because Atticus would have made me go every day anyways. Mrs. Dubose was a troubled old lady but she did show true courage in her final days. Her final gift to me was one flower, and I'm not sure if that is like a cosmic justice, because I am the one that ruined her flowers, so the last thing I'm left with to remember her is her flower.

Entry 3: Tom vs Mayella

Point of View: Tom Robinson

I've always felt bad for Miss Mayella, the way her father treats her, and the way she lives just makes me feel sorry for her. So of course I always do my best with helping her with whatever she needs, without any payment of course. But this is what I get for being a gentlemen? I am scared out of my mind, because no matter what I do I'll lose. Mayella is coming onto me, and If I go with it than she might have actual evidence that I "raped" her, and if I try to get out of this, her father will just accuse me of rape. I guess it doesn't matter either way, because my fate is made up. There is no way that a black mans word will ever beat a white woman's word in this town

Entry 4: Bob Ewell attacks Jem and Scout

Point of View: Boo Radley

I've been isolated in my house for almost my entire life, with only occasionally leaving my house. I do not know what drove this man to attack Jem and Scout, but I do know that these kids are the closest thing I have to friends now. I knew they were interested in me a few years ago, and I would always leave presents for them in that knothole, but time passed and I haven't heard from them in a while. But now hear they are, defenseless, and I must save them, no matter the consequences. I don't know what people will say about me, because I don't know who this man even is, sense I've been isolated from the towns activities. I grab my kitchen knife, the first weapon I can find, and leave my house to do what I can.


I really enjoyed this assignment actually, it wasn't too hard and it was pretty straightforward. This website is also cool, how it kind of represents a slideshow, but is actually one smooth running page. Through this assignment I have learned how to put yourself in other characters shoes, not just the main characters. This teaches you how to understand why a character might do something. Like how Atticus says to walk in someone else's shoes to understand how they feel, this shows reasoning behind a characters choice. I think that this was Mr. Crookes purpose as well, besides just a review for the story, we can apply this activity to every book we ever read now.


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