Volcanoes By Andrew and aiden

Volcanoes are fissures in the earth that release hot magma and gases! Volcanoes cause mudslides and emit hot clouds of dust that destroy everything in their path!

There are four types of volcanoes Dome,

Dome volcanoes are caused by viscous lava piling up around the vent.


Composite volcanoes are made of layers of lava and ash.


Shield volcanoes are formed when viscous magma piles up and hardens.

And Cinder cone

Cinder Cone volcanoes are formed by lava being erupted and turning into cylinders which harden together into a cone.

UNBEKNOWNST to most people the dangerous part of volcanoes isn't actually the lava because it moves at such slow speeds. The actual threat is a combination of two things - Lava Hazes which are poisonous gas clouds, and debris which depending on the volcano can be PELE'S Tears and PELE'S Hair or in others LAPILLI and BOMBS.


  1. the most erupting volcano is Stromboli located off the north coast of Sicily.
  2. There are over 1500 volcanoes in the world.
  3. The heat of lava varies between 700 and 1,200 degrees Celsius.
  4. The tallest volcano is on Mars.

And now here is a volcano erupting!


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