It Gives Me... By: Pano Prosiliakos


It gives me joy to watch my favorite soccer player,Ronaldo, play because he is fun to watch. It is also fun to watch him score and win big games.
It gives me joy to snowboard because I like the rush it gives me when I'm speeding down a mountain.
Christmas gives me joy for two reasons. The first is because I get to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The second is giving and receiving presents because it makes me joyous that people think of me and that I think of them.


This gives me hope because I see people in third world countries being happy and enjoying their life even though they have nothing and are just barley surviving.
My future gives me hope because it shows that I have a lot to live for. My future also shows me hope because it's a reminder to always keep working hard for the people that I care about in my future.
Inventors give me hope because I know that people will always keep creating new things and that each one will be better than the last.


It gives me pride to get an A on a test when I study really hard beforehand. This gives me pride because it shows what I'm capable of.
It gives me pride when someone tells me I did a good job. This makes me prideful because if I really worked hard on the project I think I deserve some recognition for what I did.
It gives me pride when I think of a good idea because I think to myself that I was the one to come up with this idea and not some really smart person.


It gives me pause when I do a self reflection about my day or anything that has happened. I usually look at it from another person's shoes. This gives me a whole new approach on what the problem was.
This gives me pause because I think how true this is. This quote is also true in a lot of other stuff in life as well.
Bull riding gives me pause because I don't understand why people risk their lives for a sport. Whenever I watch this, I always wonder why people do this.
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Panagiotis Prosiliakos


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