Laptop By:Isha Flora

The specific elements that make up a laptop are metals, battery, and trace materials. most of the laptop are made up of the element aluminum, used for its light weight. Copper is used in wiring on a circuit boards and to connect electrical components. Whereas the largest component in a laptop is the power source, which is basically a lithium-ion battery. the most needed element is lithium. Lithium-ion batteries contain cobalt, oxygen, and carbon. Trace materials are other elements which are mostly found in all laptops bit in small quantities. Silicone is used to produce microchips. the optical components in a laptop screen have indium, gallium, and arsenic.

The first picture is of whats inside of a laptop. The second picture is of a lithium-ion battery which is a laptops power source.

In a laptop, batteries are a large component. Laptops may come with rechargeable batteries but even rechargeable batteries ware out. batteries are made from a lot of materials such as acid, lead, nickel, lithium, cadmium, alkaline, and mercury. When the batteries are not disposed properly they can contaminate the sold and water and it could be dangerous to our environment and as well wildlife.

This picture above is of a rechargeable battery which is found in mostly all laptops.

The elements which are found in a laptop come from all around the worlds, such as beryllium which comes from California, Mercury from Khaidarkhan, copper which is mostly found in Peru, Aluminum found in our own very country, Canada, Bismuth from Mexico, and lithium from Zimbabwe .

Many parts of a laptop are recyclable. A reputable e-waste which recycles the lithium-ion battery. Apple and Dell only use recyclable plastic on the outside of their laptops.

Most laptops are recyclable

A laptop can last 5 years or more. the lifespan of a laptop battery depends on its usage but the average are between 18-24 months.

This is a picture is of where the highest usage of laptop is used or is being used.

A laptop has made the world a better place since you can accomplish your work anywhere anytime since its easy to carry around with you.


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