Checking Out of the Upper Suites A Quick Guide

If you have any questions about checking out procedures, damages in your unit, or staying for summer break, please contact your Residence Director, Nicole Robbins for more information.

Chocorua Hall and Winnisquam Hall close on May 5, 2017 at 6:00pm. You are required to move out of your unit and return your key by this date and time.

How to Check Out - Step by Step

As you prepare to leave for the summer, please be sure to complete the following steps before you leave your unit.

  1. Remove all belongings from your unit prior to initiating your checkout.
  2. Clean your unit and leave it as you found it in September when you first moved in. All furniture is accounted for (1 desk, 1 chair, 1 bed per student, per unit). Any missing or damaged furniture will be billed to the residents of that unit.
  3. Take all trash out to the dumpsters located outside of the buildings or to the additional dumpsters located on campus.
  4. Do not re-bunk your beds if you live in a double unit. Facilities Management will do this task over the summer.

If you are checking out WITH a Resident Assistant:

  1. The RA will walk through your unit and check for damages. They will fill out the check-out side of the inventory form you signed in September.
  2. After the unit is checked, the RA will collect your keys and review any damages found in the unit with you. (NOTE: RA's will never discuss any questions regarding if you will be charged for damages in your unit. Please direct any of those questions to Nicole Robbins)
  3. After you have signed the paperwork and returned your key, the RA will close and lock your unit door. You are now checked out!

If you are checking-out WITHOUT a Resident Assistant

NOTE: Checking out without a Resident Assistant waives your rights to appeal any potential damages charges in your unit.

  1. You will need to stop by the lobby of Chocorua Hall near the stairs to go to the Laundry Room. Look for express checkout envelopes in that area. You may also see your Resident Assistant or Nicole Robbins for an envelope as well.
  2. Fill in all information on the front of the envelope as requested.
  3. Be sure to leave your key inside the envelope and seal it shut.
  4. You can return your envelope to the express checkout box located on the wall outside of the stairs leading down to the laundry room, give it to a Resident Assistant, a Residence Director, the Office of Residence Life (Green Center).

If your key has not been returned to by May 6, 2017 at 6:00pm you will be charged $75.00 for failure to return your key.

Enjoy your summer break! We'll see you in September!


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