Electromagnetic Waves




Visible Light

Ultraviolet Waves

X-Ray Waves

Gamma Rays

Radio waves- Radio waves are waves with a frequency between 10^4-10^12 Hz. They are used in long range communications. Ex.) Radio

Microwaves- Microwaves have a frequency range 0.001 - 0.3m shorter than a radio wave. They use microwaves for radar signaling. Ex.) microwave cooking food.

Infrared waves- They have a frequency of 10^12-10^14 Hz. Infrared waves are the waves that come off heat.

Visible light- The frequency of visible light is 10^6 Hz. Visible light is the light that is reflected off of like water. Ex.) Rainbows

Ultraviolet- The frequency of UV waves is 10^8. UV waves come off of the sun. Mass food producers also use UV light to kill bacteria. Ex.) sunlight

X-Ray- The frequency for an X-Ray is 10^10 Hz. Doctors use X-Rays to look for broken bones and such. Ex.) Doctors office

Gamma- The frequency for gamma rays is 10^12 Hz. They use gamma rays for medical treatments on internal organs. Ex.) Bursts of high radiation

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