Everyone should have a dog By: KeIra demspey

What some people do not realize is dogs are awesome. What I learned is dogs are awesome in so many ways. Number one they can play with you inside and outside, second they can help you do things you might not be able to do on your own, and most of all they can cheer you up when you're sad.

One reason everyone should have dog is that dogs can play with you inside and outside. Dogs can play hide and seek, tug of war, and you can teach your dogs tricks. In addition outside you can play fetch, chase, or even tag with your dog. My friend Elizabeth also says her dog Milo and her were playing with his squeaky toy when he suddenly dropped it and grabbed a blanket. They started into a game of tug of war until Elizabeth says she gave up and Milo won. According to Active.com dogs keep you healthy and more active by playing with you and having you walk them. Also a poem I like says “A dog can play with you on a sunny day, but on rainy days they would rather lay. Keep them close by your side and they will never run or hide.”

Another reason everyone should have a dog is that dogs can help you do things you might not be able to do on your own. Labrador retrievers, German Shepherds, or Golden retrievers are the most common breed of helper dogs, but other dogs can be helpers too. Helper dogs can help someone who is blind get around more safely or someone in a wheelchair or who has a disadvantage by getting their things or protecting them. Dogs like German Shepherds are more likely to be seen helping police officers by sniffing to locate or find drugs or weapons by their scent. This is very important to the police. Helper dogs aren't the only way dogs can help you do things you might not be able to do on your own. They can also scare away intruders that try to break into your house by growling and barking.

Another reason everyone should have a dog is because they cheer you up when you’re sad. One example of this is when I had a bad day at school. I came home and my dog Lilly wasn’t just wagging her tail but her whole body! She trotted over to me and started giving me kisses all over I couldn’t help but smile. Also my other friend Layla says when her Gi -Gi passed away her dog Zeus snuggled with her and gave her kisses to cheer her up. According to Google, dogs have the ability to ease loneliness, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression in humans. They also encourage exercise and playfulness.

Konrad Lorenz says “There is no faith which has never yet been broken except that of a truly faithful dog.” This makes me think that a dog is as faithful, loving, and kind as you can get.

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