Steppe SArah beth harris

Climate of the Steppe

Average Rainfall: 10-30 inches per year however can get up to 4-5 inches in May, June and August

Average Temperature: can get up to 104 during the summer and as cold as -40 degrees in the winter

Net Primary Productivity

Steppe would be a mixture of savanna and temperate grasslands. Steppe has a low productivity rate, however, does consist of a large amount of earth's land surface. Despite having a large rainfall and cold winters the ecosystem does not get snow

Soil Quality: The soil quality is poor and farmers would have a difficult time cultivating the land due to harsh weather and strong winds. These strong winds don't let many plants grow tall.

Invasive and Endangered


Buffel grass was introduced to the united states in the 1930`s as livestock forage. Starting in Tucson the plant spread taking resources from the native plants in the steppe in the united states. This plant thrives after large fires and reproduces so that other plants can grow back.

The Corsac fox is an endangered specie in the steppe. This unprotected population has been replenished by hunting and plowing of the land. This omnivore is affected by over harvesting and destruction of their habitat.

Przewalski Horse are the last surviving subspecies of wild horses. These animals are endangered due to many reasons including a lack of genetic diversity,

other endangered species including the Mongolian Gerbil, Northern Lynx and the Saker falcon.

animals in the biome


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