Strawberry Shortcake At Florida Strawberry Festival STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

Mar 6, 2016 — Once we arrived at the Florida Strawberry Festival, I corralled my CondoSeniors for the strawberry drive. Our only objective today was Strawberry Shortcake at St. Clements before the crowds arrived. Here we can make our own for $4. This includes a shortcake or biscuit but not both!

These are total grab shots. I am shooting manual with one hand. Licking whipped cream as I am able between scooping the strawberries. Sometime the camera hand was holding the small bowl. I thanked the nice lady for wiping my lens hood and nose!

Aim for the Parke Main Exhibition Hall and see that white line?

Yes, they have this down to a sience!

Lucky for us, we beat the rush!

Everyone is smiling! St. Clement Catholic Church has the best set up for strawberry shortcake. They have this down to a science!

Two ticket counters. two lines. Two stations on this side and two on the other.

And a team dedicated to making whipped cream! They even ducked for the shot of the mixing bowls.

I opted for the shortcake side!

My CondoSeniors are "pro" strawberry scoopers!

Note the technique. A dab on whipped cream on the biscuit before unloading the strawberries.

Then there is my approach! I'm not done yet...

Unfortunately, I reached the point of critical mass. The weight of the whipped cream was forcing the strawberry juice over the sides. I tried to sip it off but had to stop when my nose and cheeks were smothered in whipped cream. I tried to use my lens hood to hold up one side. That's how the whipped cream got on my lens hood.

The last strawberry is placed by St. Clement. Little did she know that the weight of one strawberry caused juice to gush over the sides.

We earned this sticker!

This is one of my CondoSeniors after he wiped. This is why his wife carries kid's wippies.

A rare shot of me. The volunteer Sheriff gave an idea on the way home. He suggested we stop by the Manatee Viewing Area at Big Bend Power Plant.

We were sitting at a table on the far side of the entrance to Parke Exhibition Hall. Sort of like Al fresco dining.

Visiting a real strawberry patch.

These were too low, even for a walker.

There is more than just strawberry shortcake here!

Dibs on the first row... I meant tray!

At $1 a ride, which is three full circles, my CondoSeniors dropped some serious cash

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