Charli and Jess Galapagos island

The Galapagos island is a beautiful place and Charles Darwin spent 5 weeks there exploring. He got there by the HMS beagle. There are some fasinating animals and extraordinary places to see.

This is the Sally light foot crab

This is a bird that lives on rocks near the sea.

This is the giant tortoise. Its very big but walks very slow!!!

This is a type of Galapagos lizard that can both be on land and under water.

This is a Galapagos red chest bird.

This is a Galapagos penguin.

As you know Charles Darwin went to the Galapagos island for 5 weeks studying all the amazing and fascinating animals. He came up with the theory of evalution. He was a bit of a freak as a kid because he spent some of his time going around picking up insects and putting them in his pocket!! He was born on 12 of February 1809. He was the first person to discover the Galapagos island. As he was growing up, he wanted to show people what he believed which was that man came from monkey not god.


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