The life of a Teenager in Spain By: Gabe Rabanal (5th hour)

About Spain: It is the 2nd largest country in the EU, Population is 46.77 million people, Spain is a monarchy ruled by King Felipe VI of Spain, Spain produces over half of the world’s olive oil, Spain’s official name is the Kingdom of Spain
Being 15 in Spain is stressful yet exiting, because of hard schools and being able to be outside.
Students can be stressed by high expectations in school and must work hard to be able to graduate. Only 62% of students attending school in Spain are expected to graduate (Skog). With the expected failure rate of 38% in high schools, teens can get stressed by high expectations and a high failure rate of their peers.
However, teens also like to play sports and be outside in their free time. Playing soccer is a popular pastime among all people of all ages in spain, and teens love the sport (Customs of teens in Spain). By getting outside and hanging out with friends, teens can relax and not worry about the stresses of school.
Being 15 in spain can be very exciting, being with friends to be able to play soccer, go to amusement parks, and stay up late every day. However, this freedom is balanced with the stresses of high expectations and thoughts of graduation in school.
Through taking the perspective of a teen in Spain, I learned that life operates in very different ways in other countries, and that my way of life isn’t the only way of life.
Teens often stay up late at night, even throughout the school week to party or go to festivities with their family and friends (Skog).
Even though teens in the US stay up late, teens in Spain can do it every day, and they hang out with family and friends out of their house often times. Life in other countries isn’t the same as it is in us. Learning about the lives of teenage Spaniards has helped me to understand that more.
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