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We've updated most of our website to bring to light the second year of our rebuilding project at LeftFoot. You'll notice that our website, while still in progress, is getting consistently standarized to make it easy to see the seasonal changes.

Student Tuition Plans - summer options, tuition prices, payment options
Enrollment begins again in July for the Winter I sessions.
Senior Academy case study, how we develop "leaders" from our students.

Participation is divided into three tiers

We have three tiers of customers: clients, members and students that we work with annually. It's our best intent to service anyone with the passion to get better. Our mission is to give players the Access, Opportunity, and Flexibility to work with great coaches to become 1% better every day.

We continued the Three Tiers of Participation to allow for seasonal pricing and increased options. Thank you to all the clients who participated this year!

Tiers of Participation are valid for January 1st, 2018 - January 1st, 2019

Plans & Passes

We have a variety of options for the best of the best in terms of scheduling to roll with our transition through 2020. Some people like random, some like fixed and consistent. We offer both based on the needs and designs of the coaching relationship with the family & player.

As of January 1st, 2018 Members and Clients are in a 1 or 2 payment option for all services not to exceed 50% of the service fulfillment schedule.

Single Price Visits

$25-45 per session

  • $35/visit, one year expiration. Standard Tuition Value
  • Market - based pricing based on scheduling options, class reservations, etc. for Single Visits through the year.
  • Can change monthly or weekly depending on scheduled enrollments
  • Good for Senior Academy, Junior Academy or Youth Academy.
  • Good for Weekend Academy Topics: Footskills, BallStriking, Aerial Warfare, & Spatial Awareness
  • Minimum options for use June 1st - September 1st.
Client Pass

Clients of the Academy are anyone without a Membership valid from LeftFoot6 or LeftFoot 2017.

  • $650 for 12 visits.
  • $45/session.
  • Good for Senior Academy, Junior Academy or Youth Academy.
  • 3 month expiration
  • Minimum options between June 1st - September 1st.
  • Members: 10% Off (Call for enrollment)

LeftFoot6 Memberships have been honored through the expiration date in 2017 and 2018. In order to stay on a $129/annual LeftFoot6 Membership tier and be eligible for Membership Discounts and Qualifications you must stay active within 10 days of your expiration. Any time past a 10 day expiration your student will no longer qualify for the LeftFoot6 Membership rate.

Semi-Private Coaching: Reserve Plan
SPC: Reserve

SPC Reserve Plan is for a specific Term during the Trimester for a guaranteed fixed price, coach, time slot and access to the Academy. This allows players to work in a small consistent group on a regular basis and allows families guaranteed enrollment on a set day and time. Seven to ten week terms are pre-booked to allow the parent and player the opportunity to reschedule a missed session 24 hours in advance on a weekly basis if needed. Renewals are optional, but signup is pre-paid with a service fee of $35. Scheduling is Done for You!

  • Pricing is $35/a visit with a minimum of 7 weeks.
  • Sessions expire weekly, client is pre-booked into session.
  • Enrollment period 2 weeks prior to Season
Academy Series Reserve Plan
Academy Series Reserve

New for 2017. These Term plans are great for a guaranteed fixed price, coach, time slot and access to 75 minute sessions at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. This allows players to work in a larger group on a consistent basis. Seven to ten week terms are pre-booked to allow the parent and player the opportunity to reschedule a missed session 24 hours in advance on a weekly basis if needed. Renewals are optional, but signup is pre-paid with a service fee of $35. Scheduling is Done for You!

Pricing is $35/a visit with a minimum of 7 weeks.

LeftFoot Fast-Pass™
LeftFoot Fast-Pass™

These simple and quick "punch passes" are priced based on seasonal demands and are subject to change. Members Only.

Fast-Passes are offered in options of 4, 6 & 8 session options. Fast-Passes expire Five Weeks from the date of purchase. Prices typically range from $80 for 4 sessions in April to $160 for 4 sessions (November) depending on the month.

Prices good until April 10th, 2018

You must be logged into the Pike13 site with an active membership to view the LeftFoot Shop.

Student Tuition Plans

Tuition Plans offer the greatest flexibility for the most guaranteed services access. Students receive 25% off additional sessions, get first rights to Privado's, Summer Enrollments and the best prices. For as little as $408 a season, the ability to spread out payments to LeftFoot is the added value to the Student Tiers. With two months of rollover access each session spreads out it's value as the season goes. Student Tuition Plans can be used in any open class that LeftFoot offers providing the maximum flexibility.

Tuition Plans guarantee financing and enrollment through the Academy.
A Tuition Plan allows for a 2 month rollover on sessions at a guaranteed rate of $33-$35/session.

New for 2018

LeftFoot Weekend-Pass

The LeftFoot Weekend - Pass is available for Members and Students to experience an open "practice" environment based on the Academy Topic. With the FOURZA Houses practicing and playing, our licensed coaches get to run the sessions utilizing our Master Coach Model, (without our Master Coach)!

  • Regular Price: $370/24 sessions
  • Good for back to back sessions
  • Can be used in FOURZA House Battles and FOURZA Battles
  • expire May 31st, 2018
  • Members: 10% Off ( $333/24s) $13.87/session
  • Students: 20% Off ($296/24s) $12.33/session
  • Cannot be used for Master Coach Model sessions: Senior Academy, Junior Academy or Youth Academy or during the week.

be sure you're signed in to Pike13 to use this...an active Membership is needed to view the Weekend - Pass option.

LeftFoot Battle Pass

FOURZA at LeftFoot is our internal competition that allows students unlimited "competitive" play. It's the farthest thing from "Free Play". We compete. We Battle.

$125/Unlimited Battles

  • Friday 4-6pm
  • Sunday 5-7pm
February 2018 - April 22nd, 2018 & October 1st- December 2018
Seasons Change

Seasons & Scheduling

Players grow with the seasons. What's needed in one season is not the same for every player. That's why the complexity of the Academy creates great players consistently but we change as the seasons change. What we work on in November grows through the players' experience as we get closer to April.

The journey through the seasons in private coaching isn't bound by when "team" practice starts and games begin. The journey has a road map of skills progressions refined by LeftFoot for over eight years of developmental coaching. Our schedule adapts to the needs of the family and our capacity to service the demand for our coaching.

Scheduling Models for Seasonal Terms
Winter i & Winter II Season : Academy Coaching
  • 2 Enrollment deadlines:
  • October 25th for Winter I
  • January 29th Deadline for Winter II
  • Academy Coaching Model: 75 Minute sessions (Youth and Junior Academy)
  • Senior Academy Coaching: 60 minute session (4:30-5:30 Monday - Thursday)
Spring & Fall Season: Privado Model
  • 45 minute Semi-Private Coaching Sessions
  • 75 minute LeftFoot Privado Reservations
  • May 3rd start date; Term ends Friday, June 4th
  • Enrollment deadline: April 28th, 2018
Trimesters & Terms


This summer will be a fixed progression of courses without random classes. Take a look!

The Ordering Process

Where you see the Yellow Reservation Link, click to submit your "reservation" for that program. During your Reservation, you can reserve multiple programs and/or services. You do have to submit one reservation per player.

We will either confirm your reservation via email or either call you to clarify or deny your request. We may ask you to schedule a Design Interview if your student has not been part of LeftFoot for more than six months. Design Interviews are the expertise of our Master Coach and cannot be complimentary.

After we accept your reservation we will send you either a Quote, an Order or a Purchase Request for you to submit your payment and confirm dates, times, players and payment terms.

All payments must be paid in full by June 10th for any and all LeftFoot MasterMind Summer Programs.

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