Important Relationships By: Derricka Davis

Scout's Important Relationships

Arthur "Boo" Radley

Arthur "Boo" Radley- He is the talk around town from rumors. He was being nice to Scout and Jem by giving them things. He hasn't been seen in 15 years until Jem got hurt in Chapter 28 in To Kill A Mockingbird. She likes him now because she has experienced the nice things about him and not the rumors. She learns from this that don't believe in the rumors believe in the things that actually happen.

Dill Harris

Dill Harris- Rachel is his aunt who he was staying with for the first summer she met him. Scout likes Dill no as a friend like but a boyfriend like. He sneaked into her house because he thought his foster parents didn't care about him. She learns from this that love can happen to anyone and anywhere.

Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose (aka Mrs Dubose)

Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose (aka Mrs. Dubose)- lives two houses up the street from the Finches. Scout thinks she is the meanest old lady who ever lived. Scout and Jem had to go read to her as a repayment for ruining her flowers. She learns from this is that don't be mean to someone if you don't know their story.

Miss Caroline Fisher

Miss Caroline Fisher- Is Scout's teacher who is mean to her. She told Scout to stop reading at home with her father Atticus. Scout doesn't like her because of that and it made her feel sad. She learned from this is don't listen to what people say and just keep your head and be strong and keep moving on.


Calpurnia- The cook for the Finch Family. She is a black maid and she took Scout and Jem to her church one time and Scout's aunt doesn't want her to go to Calpunia's house. She is nice and takes care of the kids when her father isn't home. Scout loves Calpurnia no matter what her aunt says about it. She learned from this is no matter what your skin color is anyone can be loved.

My Important Relationships

(Mom in ASL) Tina Schimmel

Tina Schimmel- My mom to my sister and me. She took care of me when I needed to be taken care of. She fed me, clothed me, gave me shelter, and gave me baths, and even gave me a place to sleep. She taught me to appreciate the things you have and don't complain about it.

(Grandma in ASL) Linda Schimmel

Linda Schimmel- My grandma to my sister, cousins, and me. She lets me stay at her house when I don't want to be at home. She cooks food for my birthday and whenever I ask her to make some of her homemade food. She taught that love yourself for the way you are because God made you like this for a reason.

(Best Friend in ASL) Michelle Castro

Michelle Castro- My best friend to me. She helps me through my problem when I'm feeling down. She was one of my first every friends when I first came to South Middle School. She taught me that anything is possible.

(This is cousin in ASL) Ayson Curtis

Ayson Williams- My cousin to my sister and other cousins. He is my second boy cousin and I love him; he is only 1 years old. Our thing that we do is I point at him then he points right back at me. He taught me that I can learn to love babies.

(This means the first on is Old and the second one is Friend) Cade Lopez

Cade Lopez- My old friend to me. I knew him sense Pre-School. He was my best friend until 1st grade but we were still great friends and I grew to like him more than a friend.But in 5th grade I left that Bennington Grade School and we lost touch with each other. He now goes to Central. He taught me that even though a guy doesn't love like that doesn't mean you won't find someone to love you in the future.

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