P.S. I WAS BORN HERE Never forget where you come from, you may have to go back someday.

Coming back to where I came from was always a mixed of feelings and emotions. To the memories of my childhood and the way it was written for me, it still gave me the uncertainty of how will I remember the past that is still affecting my present-day.

My Dearest Lola is gone forever

The resting place of Lola. My Guardian Angel.

Looking back to the old days of my childhood, to one of the most painful moment losing my grandmother. I can sill remember her face that could light up my blackest day, her smile that could lift me up from my discomfort, her famous baking skill. Her entire existence, everything about her is still here on my mind.

All the tears, pain, and heartaches it cause me and my family. When we lost the foundation of our family. We lost with her the chance of a lifetime. She's my inspiration, she's my shield from someone who threw stone at me, she's my Lola who always believed in me.

Marking her 15th death anniversary. Many years had gone by, and everyday I missed her. I wish I can say to her how much I love to do things she used to love too, like putting make up on that I know I got from her. I wish I can say to her how grateful I am that she's my Lola. Lastly, I wish to celebrate this life with her, the life that I have now. The life I know would be different if she's still with me. Because honestly, all I need now is the tightest hug and longest kiss I can get from her. That is never gonna happen.

BUT. She gave me my Mum who reminds me of her. Strong, Fearless, Kind, and most Loving human being I know. Everyday I thanked God for the gift of life she gave to me and my love ones. For I know my Lola from heaven is in happiest place with Him, I am sure she is guiding us. Love your loved ones like tomorrow is the last day you'll see them.

Lola with her sister. RIP


Feast Day of Saint Paul, Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna:

15, January 2017

Prayer to St. Paul

O Glorious St. Paul, after persecuting the Church you became by God's grace its most zealous Apostle. To carry the knowledge of Jesus, our divine Savior, to the uttermost parts of the earth you joyfully endured prison, scourging, stoning, and shipwreck, as well as all manner of persecutions culminating in the shedding of the last drop of your blood for our Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain for us the grace to labor strenuously to bring the faith to others and to accept any trials and tribulations that may come our way. Help us to be inspired by your Epistles and to partake of your indomitable love for Jesus, so that after we have finished our course we may join you in praising him in heaven for all eternity.

Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live.

"Have faith in God"
If you'd die now, would you have any regrets?

I believe in GOD, I believe that he is watching me, that he knows what is within my heart and mind. I don't have to be afraid. So if I'd die now, I know I won't regret a thing. It is between me and my God. He makes my life amazing when He decided to give me a second chance, a chance to see and experience the life He created for me.

"Set your heart on fire"

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” - Socrates

If I can offer this roses to every person I know, to make them feel loved and accepted. To make them feel that to live with kindness and forgiveness can save them from sorrow and despair. To tell them that no matter how hard life is to you, just hold on to your dreams. Continue what you're passionate about. That you are created to make a change. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Dated: 1/20/2017

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