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Studying Locations

I wanted to do a study to see if being in a different location helped improve my focus. My normal study location is in my dorm room at my desk. However, I find I can get easily side tracked and distracted. So I want to try a few different locations and see which one is best for me.

I will be visiting three locations, which are generally close to my building but also within the region of where my classes take place. I will be visiting the Cooper Library, the Schilletter Dining Hall, and the Byrnes Lounge.

Day 0: My Dorm Room

The biggest benefit to being in my dorm room that I could find – besides being in my pajamas – was that I had all of my study supplies at my disposal, which I do not have while I’m at another location to study. So it is hard to be able to transition between study topics if I need to. However, I found myself being easily distracted and more willing to ignore my work because there was no one there to see it.

Day 1: Cooper Library

On the first day of “studying abroad” I went to the library and sat in the balcony area above the new Starbucks. I was concerned that because of the noise I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my work, but I put my earbuds in and was able to get a lot of my work done. I got half my essay completed and formatted and was also able to get an extra credit project finished and submitted for my biology class.

Day 2: Schilletter Dining Hall

Schilletter I was also worried about it being too noisy to get work done but turns out I was wrong again. I was able to efficiently and quickly get my work done as I ate and waited for my next class which was in about an hour and half from when I first sat down. I was able to finish a presentation project for my English class and I was able to eat while doing it.

Day 3: Byrnes Lounge

The Byrnes Lounge was definitely the quietest one of the two out of room locations. Also it is still close to my room so that I can easily go back to my room in case I end up forgetting something. While there I was able to finish my essay and as well as work on another English project and do some biology homework. I was also mostly alone, but because of the different setting I was still able to keep my concentration going.


I would definitely say that leaving my room and going to another location would help me to focus on the work in front of me. The Byrnes Lounge was the most productive and easiest to work in environment and because of its proximity to my room I able to quickly get anything I might have forgotten. However, the library and Schilletter’s close proximity to most of my classes make them opportune areas for when I want to get work done in between classes, so I can get my work done in a more focused environment.


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