Musee du Louvre A journal of our geography adventure

Assigning Roles

So far in Geography class we have assigned group rolls. Caleb decided to be the model manager. Celine decided to be the Video Manager. Bryce decided to be the Chef. Elena decided to be the Cartographer. I decided to be Process Journalist.

Picking Our Country

We had to decided what country we where going to do our project in. We were torn between Australia and France. Another group chose Australia so our choice was made.

Choosing the model site

We looked at all the interesting art buildings and museums. The Louvre was our first option. But was it too hard to recreate? Well we accepted the challenge. Our team will have to work hard but we will accomplish our goal and hopefully end with a good grade too.

First Assignments

We have our first assignments! We are all supposed to look up information and make flash cards on noodle tools. Each person had to research different information according to their position in the group.

Beginning Steps In Research

Bryce picked out a few recipes for our group to recreate. He is now searching how the diet of France affects the people living there. Caleb is creating a drawing and the scale for our model. Elena researched the map that she is now going to trace and start drawing on. Celine is researching how she is going to create our video about our country.

Researching and drawing the beginning sketches.

The Waiting Game

Our group member did all the research and started making progress except one member, Elena. She hadn't done her work and it was affecting all of us.

Waiting for Elena to give us our tour spots.

Beginning the Model

Bryce brought the base board for our model. And Caleb used all the drawings he had made to draw the part of the Louvre we were doing onto the base board. We had to erase multiple times and find the right tools to make the base look just right. In the beginning we were going to build the entire museum but we decided to make the pyramid out front of the museum.

Elena Is Gone

Elena was not doing her work for the class and for our group. She was removed and I took over being cartographer.

The Map

For the map I had to find a map of France to scale and trace it onto a poster board. Then I labeled the countries on the map. Next, I colored the map topographically. I put France's extorts and the major sixties on the map. I finished the map off with a map key, rose compass, and lamination.

All Done :)

Subterranean View

Our model is not only going to be 3D but it also will have a view of the subterranean part of the pyramid. We made a viewing area on one side of the base where we plan to leave off the sides so we can see to where the subterranean part of the pyramid is located . We are putting in pieces of styrofoam to make the viewer's eyes scope in on the subterranean view of the pyramid.

Building Continues

We continued building today. I was assigned to create a pillar out of cardboard for the observation area. We started putting sides on the base and pieces to narrow the view of the observer.

Building and attaching the walls.

Starting the fountains

We started cutting out the pieces we will use for the fountains. The fountains are raised so we are using styrofoam triangles to lift the fountains to scale.

Cutting out the fountains of the Louvre.

The small pyramid

For the small pyramid we will be bought a square mirror that was the dementions of the small pyramid. We had to draw lines with permanent marker to symbolize the separations in the pieces of glass. We also had to tape the model and spray paint to make the base look like the ground is cobblestone.

Drawing Lines and Planning the Pyramid

We glued the styrofoam triangles on to where the fountains were on the model. Then, made the water by first covering the styrofoam with hot glue. Then we placed liquid model gel that is colored like water to make the hot glue blue.

Adding the glue and water gel

We added boarders to make the fountains look cleaner.

Finishing the small pyramid

To finish the small pyramid I glued the small plastic triangles to the small mirror and made sure they lined up.

Finishing steps

We need to buy more paint for making the base look like cobblestone and more wooden sticks to make the boarders of the fountains.

Adding Finishing Details

For the finishing details I made little featured exhibit signs. I would also like to figure out a way to make velvet rope lines. After we finish the subreanean room we will attach the large pyramid together and the model will be finished.

What We Learned From this Project

Jessica - I learned that when you look at a project you don't understand how much time and preparation lots have people have put into it to make it presentable and nice. I think this has taught me patience and how to work better with others.

Bryce - I learned it takes a lot of hard work and team work to be able to make a large project like this. Everyone has to work together if we want to succeed.

Celine - I learned that when you cannot change an unreasonable circumstance, you must be able to adapt and work with what you're given. However unfair a situation seems, a team can push through the obstacles and you are not alone to face them. I also learned that there is so much untapped history to the Arts of France that is real amazing.

Caleb - I learned that teamwork is frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I really liked my group and their work ethic. I also learned about France and its history.

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