The description of the band and the members

We have decided to participate in the contest because we like music and also sure that we will win and also because we have a lot of talent. By Sergio

SERGIO: A funny guy with talent, who makes us laugh a lot to the group with his guitar. Is brown with long hair and with much roll. NAOMI: Girl responsible at the time of acting. In the group plays very well the drums. Is brunette with short and high hair. ITSASNE: She is an excellent guitarist with many years of musical profession, short, black hair and very clear eyes. DIANA: Sweet and tough voice. Singer very young and pretty with curly hair and high. She likes to sing, she spends hours singing and humming in his hours of rest. MARÍA: Strong and loud voice singer with a lot of record at the time of singing that leaves anyone who heard it heard since. She is a little girl in singing contests. Is a brunette with long straight hair and light eyes. By María.

The story of the band:

We had been in the Warner, in the roller coaster. I was María with some friends and I said yes, She was with me and the joined to go the roller coaster. And the batman was Naomi and Diana with bulleseye and we played. Together we were talking and the we went together. And going to the exit of the Warner. We met Sergio and we went together to my house and proposed to make a group of music. By Itsasne.

Story of the song:

We after meeting, I thought we would not get his far. Each of us knew what we wanted to do but no one imagined that together we would make a song that will go very far. We spentin school, friends and teachers. The song was made by each other is experience and ideas, almost all we had done a parchment of thwe song and the sayiung together. Ir was incredible because at the time of doing a song together we had learned more of our friends. I hope it continues like this and we can do tour around the world. By Naomi.

This is a presentation of the band of what we have bought.


The logo of the Minds Band.

The link of the song of the Minds Band: http://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.edu20.org/files/3961940/Proyecto_Ingles_I_hate_you.wav?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJL2YKQD4VUAFRMRQ&Expires=1488811170&Signature=6lkxvLwxmiCxc6KeAxnsarKFQCQ%3D

The link of the pages of the event: https://www.smore.com/srbgz-minds-band By Diana and Naomi.


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