Description of the Site

The pyramid of Copan Ruinas,Honduras
  • Diego Garcia de Palacio was the one who discovered the Mayan Copan Ruinas,Honduras.The Mayan Copan, is located in the western Honduras close to the board of Guatemala. The Copan ruins is an important site because the Mayan civilization until the 19th century. Also the public square reveal the three main stages of development representing their cultural. In the months May and April are the perfect weather to go you're able to wear shorts,sandals and go out more. If you don’t like when it rains or the humidity then September is not your month at all. Copan is a beautiful place to stay and also you're going to enjoy the view of place. Also their linguistic is Spanish if you don’t speak Spanish then you get a translator be able to get you your destination.

The Significance of the Site

Without the Mayan Copan pyramid

The Mayan Copan Ruinas,Honduras is important because the Mayan want to remember by their hard work. It's symbolic for them so people can understand culture how things were back then. Also it represents it's beautiful stone temple.

What if the site is neglected ? Why take care of it

Copan Honduras sculpture ( JUST THINK ABOUT THIS !! Nobody taking care of this sculpture than it wouldn't exist and nobody would be able to get to see it and it's wonder.)

If the Mayan Copan was neglected or not protect were is all the ancient past going to be at?? People are not going to be able to represent their origin. Also how are they expected to represent their history back them? In addition, history,nature, and cultural is going to be destroyed if we don't take care of the Mayan Copan. Also people around the world are not going to know their past. If people around the world don’t know about history than history will extinct. In addition, when people tell stories about places and tell them they want to go and visit what how are they suppose to answer them ??

This is the reason why we should protected the ancient sculpture, nature and history because without this amazing things we wouldn't be able enjoy this beauty.

How to visit?

The Mayan Copan, Honduras
This are some more pictures of Mayan Copan

You should go to Copan,Honduras because is a beautiful place yes, is not like Your visiting the Paris tower or the Washington house. But is a great place to get to know about the ancient cultural and also know about the nature. Your're going to able to learn about the Copan and also tell other people your experiences. That's going to make them go and have fun.

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Saida Flores


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