Does Reincarnation Exist? Naomi slipka

For centuries, religions have believed in life after death. One way or another, death is just the beginning. Some say it all depends on how you act in your first life; or in other words, your karma. Others say to make the most of your life because it's the only one you'll ever get. So is there such thing as reincarnation? Or is it just another myth that has been brought upon us from our earliest ancestors?

A new life

Several studies show that some atoms in our body may have been part of something or someone else long dead, whether it be a plant, animal, or another human. It's possible that just us living can represent a form of reincarnation. It could be that our atoms are immortal, but our bodies are not. At a funeral, you are there to honor and remember the person who has recently passed. But after that, all that's left is their memory. Maybe you have pictures or recordings of theirs to feel like they are still with you. Or perhaps you can still hear their voice lingering in the air, as if they were still there. But during all of your time spent mourning, they could be moving on, into a new life; without even knowing it. Few are fortunate enough to remember their past lives, their previous memories still haven't completely washed away. That is another sign that there is life after death. Just think, when a spirit has passed on, it is another chance for a new life.


A case of reincarnation was recorded in Turkey in the spring of 2010. A particular girl began showing paranormal information about life before she had been born, shortly after the girl had learned how to speak. She was doing and saying things that she could not possibly have known. Once she was old enough to understand, she was convinced that she didn't belong where she was, but with another family; her real family. She'd express fact after fact, and her parents were concerned. Out of curiosity and the sake of their daughter, her parents looked up all of the things she was saying to make sure she wasn't crazy. They looked everywhere, newspapers, internet, small villages, and old records. Turns out, their daughter was right all along. Her whole life, she had been telling the truth. All of the things she expressed were accurate. The girl often referenced to circular windows, gunshots, and her family that she wanted to reunite with. A few years before her rebirth, there was a tragic wedding that took place in a city not far from their own Turkish village. In turkey, it is tradition to shoot guns into the sky to honor the matrimony of two people. Apparently, as a young girl was sitting next to a house with circular windows, there was a mishap with the gun. Instead of shooting into the air, it shot her. The girl said it all happened so quick, she hadn't finished her life yet. Therefore, she came back. For her eighteenth birthday, her parents took her to her old village and her old house, so she could reunite with her true family. Her family recognized her immediately, saying that she greatly resembled their old daughter. It took a while for them to actually process what had happened, because they had finally accepted the fact that she was gone. But that is not the only recorded event related to reincarnation. There are thousands of other stories reporting that their children are saying that they don't belong with there present families, or referencing back to their previous lives.

Religious beliefs

In Hindi, reincarnation means "entering the flesh again". Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism all believe in some form of reincarnation. These religions have different purposes, for example, Jainism practices carrying out a harmlessness and renunciation filled life. But in the end, all of these religions hope to come back one way or another. Michael Ondaatje once said, "For the first forty days a child is given dreams of previous lives. Journeys, winding paths, a hundred small lessons. And then the past is erased." Perhaps we all knew about our previous lives at one point. Maybe we know more than we think we do. Scientists can figure out almost anything, but one thing is for sure, they will ever know the truth about reincarnation. So what do you believe?


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