libraries transform "Strong school libraries build strong students." (AASL,2013)

"School library programs foster critical thinking, providing students with the skills to analyze, form and communicate ideas in compelling ways." (ALA, 2015)

EBSK8 media center offers many programs for students to foster their creativity and analytical thinking skills.

Hour of Code is offered to upper elementary and middle school student. Students learn about computer programming and create their own games.

5th and 6th grade students during Hour of Code.

We have cross-curricula celebrations such as Dot Day where students learn about positive growth mind set. Teachers created lessons that practiced a growth mind set while integrating activities into a content area.

We offer peer reading programs for middle school and lower elementary school students. Middle school students who are part of our book club program have the opportunity to read to our pre-k through second graders one Friday per month. Our book club students meet once a week. We use Google Drive for self paced activities based on the current book we are reading.

6th graders reading to a kindergarten class

Read Across America celebrates Dr. Seuss and the appreciation of literature across all grade levels. We had community members read to pre-k through 3rd graders. We used QR codes to create a scavenger hunt for 4th through 8th graders using trivia about Dr. Seuss' life located within our ebook database.

Officer Williams and his Crime Prevention Unit visit East Broad Street School bimonthly to teach students in grades kindergarten through third grade about safety, responsibility and read aloud to classes.

The media center hosted the children's author, Bob Shea, this year. It was an exciting even for Pre-K through 2nd grade. For older students, we participated in a live Twitter chat with the author of the Amulet series.

The media center collaborates with teachers to teach research skills, create independent library users, become effective digital citizens and users of G suite all year long.

April is National Library Month and National Poetry Month. East Broad students will be celebrating with different activities throughout the month.

"Poetry offers mastery of language, and stocks the mind with vivid images and ideas in unforgettable words and phrases." (Poetry Out Loud, 2014)

BLACK OUT POETRY for grades 4-8

Use a discarded page from a weeded library book.

Mark around the words in the text to create a poem. Be as artistic as you like.

Submit your blackout poem at the library and have your work posted on the bulletin board!

"Strong school library programs instill confidence in reading in multiple formats, which is fundamental to learning, personal growth and enjoyment" (ALA, 2015)

"School libraries provide more than books, computers and other technology, databases of accurate information, e-books, plus fun and educational activities." (ALA, 2015)

The EBSK8 media center has a well developed collection of high interest non-fiction, TEEN section for grades 7th and 8th, a graphic novel section, chapter book section and an everybody book section.

Magnetic Poetry: Poetry Creation Station: Students will create their own magnetic poetry from old magazines and books.

"School libraries can be the hub of learning and a favorite spot for many students." (ALA, 2015)

Savannah High School Media Center

The media center at Savannah High prides itself on being a learning commons hub. The overall collection provides students with both information for research and reading for pleasure.

The media center offers classes on web site evaluation and how to spot fake news. We use TeamUp for our calendar. Teachers have access to this and can sign up based on their needs.

With the vast and diverse information at students finger tips, we offer classes in conducting research in Galileo, how to search databases effectively, copyright, plagiarism, fair use and citations.

Our district uses G Suite. All students and staff have school gmail accounts that give them access to G Suite tools. The media center offers classes in how to navigate and use G Suite including Google Classroom.

"To keep up with evolving technology and job markets, today’s students will need to be good readers and lifelong learners who can gather, evaluate, and use information to create new knowledge." (ALA, 2015)

Poetry Slam at Savanah High School

"Demonstrate leadership and confidence by presenting ideas to others in both formal and informal situations." (AASL, 2009)

The Poetry Slam will be housed in the media center and performances will be performed by students who have been selected from their homeroom teachers. For more information see the media specialist.


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