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I work primarily in unscripted programming. I specialize in adventure and travel shows, with plenty of overlap into crime, food and science. I’ve done multiple premium documentary series for Netflix, filmed exotic beaches for Travel, frozen on arctic expeditions for NatGeo and Discovery and delved into family tragedy and cults for A&E.

I see everything as a form of creative problem solving and I love both the storytelling and the logistics. I don’t mind the hard projects, I like a challenge, and I’m always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible.


Below are a few of my past projects. I'm always looking for my next adventure.

7 Days Out, 6x60 for Netflix, Boardwalk Pictures

Witness the excitement and drama behind the scenes in the seven days leading up to major live events in the worlds of sports, fashion, space and food. We went behind the scenes at the NASA/JPL Cassini Mission, a Chanel Couture show in Paris, the Kentucky Derby, the League of Legends finals, the Westminster Dog show, and the reopening of one to the top restaurants in the world, 11 Madison Park.

Brew Dogs: Season 1, 7x60 for Esquire, Custom Redtail Media

Travel to a new city, eat food & brew a special beer with local ingredients in a remarkable way - on a train, rafting down a river or on a mountain peak. Spontaneous beer tastings and restaurant profiles, and lots of laughs. This series was the top rated show on the network.

Borderland, 6x60 for Esquire, Lucky 8 Productions

Embed with the Border Patrol's special operations team: BORTAC. Ride along on counternarcotics missions in Texas and Arizona and see whats happing along the border up close and first hand.

Go For Sisters, Directed by John Sayles

Indie film legend John Sayles asked me to produce this thriller/ road trip film shot in the US and Mexico. The film stars Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica), Yolonda Ross (The Chi) and LisaGay Hamilton and includes cameos by Mahershala Ali and Harold Perrineau. We filmed over 65 scripted locations in 4 cities in the US and Mexico in just 19 Shoot days with a budget of under 1 million. It was an honor to pull off such a feat with one of my early heroes of cinema. We were nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

Dead End Express (8 X 60) for NatGeo, Original Media.

Bringing supplies to the remote roadless corners of the wild. Shot over 6 months in off the grid areas of Alaska, and Western US. We traveled by snowmobile over frozen Alaskan river systems, on horseback in the Flathead Mountains of Montana, and on jet boat up class 5 rapids on the Snake River.


Peter Bobrow

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