Three Points Racing Foundation Uniting the Motorsports Community, Empowering Veterans Transitioning to Successful Civilian Careers


The Three Points Racing Foundation has set out to achieve what other veteran foundations have failed to do when partnering with race teams:

Go past just creating awareness for veterans; creating an actual training platform and individual mentorship program, leading to employment in the motorsports industry.

The Three Points Racing Foundation will identify deserving veterans looking for a new career, help determine the best place to gain valuable skill in their chosen field, oversee and organize a training program, and use its network to place each individual in a new, full-time career.


Terry recently retired from 26 years of service in the Military as a Navy SEAL. During his distinguished career, he was stationed primarily on the east coast serving with SEAL Team 4, the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, and finally with the Naval Special Warfare Center.

While serving our country and protecting our National interests, Terry was deployed more than a dozen times in support of combat operations around the globe including Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa. During these deployments, he operated at various levels of leadership from Sniper Team Leader, Troop Leader, and Special Program Manager running contingency operations.

During his final position with the Navy, he served as the Officer In Charge of the Naval Special Warfare Prep school, the first step in the long and demanding training pipeline to become a SEAL operator. In this capacity, he was able to mentor hundreds of young men striving to serve their country at the highest levels by sharing his experiences and providing them with the mental and physical skills necessary for success.

Through the Three Points Racing foundation, Terry’s experience leading combat operations, his organizational leadership knowledge, and his passion for mentoring fellow Veterans will enable him to provide continued service to others and our Country.


By supporting Three Points Racing Foundation, you’re investing in veteran career opportunities, not a corporate hierarchy. With a small overhead, Three Points Racing Foundation is able to channel the majority of its donations directly towards veteran training and deployment programs with race teams across the North American continent.


Motorsports and the military share common ground on several key areas, something that makes it the ideal place for veterans to continue their careers in a new, albeit familiar place.

  • Teamwork is key to being a successful racing organization.
  • Passion is crucial in powering through long, tough hours.
  • Racing organizations are located in all 48 contiguous states

Roles are diverse and plentiful:

  • Mechanics & Pit Crew
  • Engineers
  • Public Relations Staff
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Management Personnel
  • Logistics Crew
  • Hospitality Crew

Why Military Veterans?

Often young when they retire or separate from duty, it is our firm belief that military veterans are underutilized in the workforce. Because of extreme demands of teamwork, structure, and dedication, veterans often struggle to adapt to a 'normal' 9-5 workplace of much lower stress. Racing, however, provides much of the same elements as the military, which challenges every individual to continually raise their game, work as a team, and be structured on an everyday basis.


Christopher Clayton served six years in the U.S. Army, in the Special Operation Aviation Regiment Airborne from 2007-2013. Clayton’s main role was a crew chief on a Chinook MH-47G, an advanced heavy-lift helicopter that assists in heavy assault and special operations extractions. His passion and dedication to not only protecting our country is special, serving six tours to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

His work is heroic, but his love of motorsports and winning is infectious. In February of 2013, Clayton was looking to fulfill his dream of being involved in motorsports. It was then he tried out to be a part of the iconic Hendrick Motorsports pit crew. In May of 2013, he was hired by the team and trained for the 2014 NASCAR season. Supporting Dale Earnhardt Jr. in 2014, Clayton’s hard work and commitment to the team paid off, as the team went on to win the Daytona 500.

Christopher Clayton is now living his dream because he followed his passion. Three Points Racing Foundation wants to help the men and women of our military fulfill their motorsports passions.


Your support will directly enable a veteran to translate their military experience, get proper training to be a skilled member of a racing organization and transition into full-time employment. For every supporter we get, we’re able to build bigger, better training and transition programs for even more veterans, nationwide.

Donations, no matter the size, will help us provide unique job training opportunities to our veterans. You can donate conveniently online through PayPal or by mail, and many employers participate in gift matching.

Own a business or have airline or hotel points to spare? In-kind donations are gladly accepted and go a long way to offsetting our program expenses.

Three Points Racing Foundation, INC

6582 Westminster Drive

Zionsville, Indiana 46077

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