Galileo Galilei By : Jason Grover

The time periods Galileo lived during: Galileo lived during the mid to late 1500s Intil the mid 1600s

Nation of origin for Galileo Galilei: Italy

Summary of ideas

Galileo had many ideas with his opportunity to expand the astronomical ways of the world but there was many ways for people to doubt his work. Galileo believed that the earth wasn't the only thing revolving around the sun so this mean that he believed in heliocentric theory's. He's proven them by making a telescope which could see other plants. Which he then made books called starry messenger, and the dialogue concerning two chief world systems which explained his findings and the plants had moon wise and different textures. But the church didn't want him to tell the truth which would make people think less of the church. In the end he told his thoughts on his death bed and told the world the change.

Impact of idea on society

I think Galileos impact of society would be the building of astronomy and maybe freedom of thought. The impact he had on society is he changed the way of thinking that the earth was the center point of the universe and it's actually the sun which he preached of. He also helped express the wrongs of the church which made people stop believing what they say and believe what the scientist and any other important educated person would tell. Freedom of though aloud people to speak their mind and how trying new things can help but in the time of him they would be excommunicated from the church which would be bad for him. In the end he helped change the way of scientific research and freedom of thought.Ho

How Galileo impacted traditional beliefs in society

Old school enlightenment thinkers relied on old church ways and teachings,and reasoning to help explain the physical world. New school scientist they can do experiments and observations with with out having religious beliefs effecting there work. And gather more knowledge about this world to tell us.

The reasons why I picked this quote

This quote means to me like you gotta want to find new things out with a little guidance. Or someone can help guide your choices into trying to become something wonderful. Also maybe that people need the power in them to do things that are good for themselves.

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