Freedom Summer A struggle for Equality

What was "Freedom Summer?"

It was reaching African American citizens who were being denied a voice in the government.

It was helping to educate a population ...

... a population that wanted desperately to be heard.

It was education.

It was hope.

It was advocacy and care.

It was people making connections with people.

It was risk-taking and difficult work.

What else?

It was learning to support each other, despite differences.

It was dangerous.

Very dangerous.

It was finding a voice.

And protecting a legacy for the future.

It was about coming together ... and change.

It was about a dream.

It was about people making a difference.

Bob Moses
Dave Dennis
Fannie Lou Hamer
Everyday people
Unsung heroes

And ... it was about murder.

It was about Americans finding their voice.

It is our history.

We were in this auditorium, and they tell us: "Three people are missing." And the next day we all got on the bus to Mississippi. — Hardy Frye

As far as I'm concerned, this was the turning point of the civil rights movement. I'm absolutely convinced of that. Until then, despite every setback and disappointment and obstacle we had faced over the years, the belief still prevailed that the system would work, the system would listen, the system would respond. Now, for the first time, we had made our way to the very center of the system. We had played by the rules, done everything we were supposed to do, had played the game exactly as required, had arrived at the doorstep and found the door slammed in our face.

— John Lewis, Walking With the Wind.

"The atmosphere in the class is unbelievable. It is what every teacher dreams about — real, honest enthusiasm and desire to learn anything and everything. The girls come to class of their own free will. They respond to everything that is said. They are excited about learning. They drain me of everything that I have to offer so that I go home at night completely exhausted but very happy in spirit..." — Pam Parker, Freedom School teacher.

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