Emmett Till The catalyst for the modern Civil Rights Movement

Who? A 14 year old Chicago boy who many believe is the catalyst for the modern Civil Rights Movement.

Money, Mississippi

Emmett traveled to Money, Mississippi during the summer of 1955 to visit relatives. He was warned by his Mother that he would need to be on his best behavior for things were different in the segregated South.

Till was involved in an altercation when he "whistled" at a white woman. That woman in return reported the news to her husband who would take actions into his own hands.

Roy and J.W.

The two gentlemen tortured and murdered Till. They then tied a fan to his body and threw him into the river. Days later, the body washed ashore and the public was shocked by the images.

Fan used to weigh down Till's body.

With the public outraged, the two men went on trial where they confessed to beating the boy, but not murdering him. The all white jury acquitted the men just an hour later.

Celebrating a victory

Emmett's body was shipped back to Chicago with instructions not to open. Mamie Till knew that this was an opportunity to spark public outrage thus sparking the Civil Rights Movement. Mamie decided to have an open casket.

Emmett's disfigured body was on display for all to view, sparking outrage and protests among many Northerners.
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