Give Your Skeleton Something Enormous Mora Mundt's personal mission Statement

I often tell myself this little reminder “give your skeleton something enormous”. If you find it difficult to keep going, that it’s hard to get out of bed for yourself or even for other people, then live it for your atoms. Their existence is dependent on you, every cell is only here and working because you exist. If you can’t get the courage to keep pushing for yourself, do it for them. If you’re too nervous to try something new, instead think of it as doing it for all your cells because you wouldn’t want them missing out on this chance. Give your atoms and your cells and your brain chemicals the best life you possibly can. Give your skeleton something enormous.

Every once and a while to check in and to help me make sure I'm on the right track I ask myself... If eventually I were to live every life there is in this world, would I be proud and content with my success? Say in my past lives I was a criminal or a poor laborer or a wealthy aristocrat. In this life, I’m meant to do better than I had in previous ones. When I look back on my life so far do I feel like I’m doing the best I can to make this one count? If not, change something.

Just remember there is star dust floating light years away that’s waiting to form something as lucky and as beautiful as you

I want to always be empathetic towards everyone, always putting my ear out to listen and care. I want to always find worth in the things that would otherwise go unnoticed, to capture moments, to linger in liminal spaces.

I want to always be inspired, to always have a dream, to be flexible and ambitious. I want to always make time for myself, be independent and self reliant, never putting my needs on hold for someone else. It’s important I always have time to sit alone and think, to paint, to listen to the rain.

I want to impact people’s lives. To help those who are hungry, seeking refuge, or fighting for rights. I want to see as much of the world as I can, to travel anywhere from tourist attractions to dusty old gas stations, from serene mountains to city streets. I want to better myself, go to college and learn everyday of my life, to always be in touch with myself, to always want to reach higher.

"Keeping the box closed just keeps you in the dark, not the universe"

Ultimately my goal is to make my chance at life something meaningful. To make sure my body lived up to its full potential before it’s buried in the ground. To make sure my eyes have seen all of this planet, that my lungs have breathed easy, that my heart has loved as fully as it can, that my brain was put up to a good challenge, that my mouth spoke kind genuine words, that my hands created the most beautiful things they could. I want to make sure I know in the end, that I’ve done everything in my power to give my skeleton something enormous.

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