Per·fec·tion /pərˈfekSH(ə)n/: the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

Many actors have a face that follows the Golden Ratio, this is the ideal, perfection.

But NOBODY is perfect

Hundreds of people died because of mans imperfection. The hatred and idiocy of humans caused a bunch of policemen to keep anybody from helping those that were burning, and gave the firemen the idea that they didn't have to rush to the scene.
"...If you're looking for truth you have to ask it from Fox News and the New York Times..." Satrapi talks about how even something autobiographical isn't perfect. However we all realize that neither are Fox News or New York Times. This idea of perfection and truth misleads the populous and leads humans to do terrible things in the name of "truth"
But this "perfect" god apparently didn't will that her husband lived. Neither did his "perfect" creation known as man. Someone who a week before was a window washer with no medical background, was making life or death decisions.
"This idea of's the beginning of fascism...there was one time when human beings were really intelligent--that was in ancient Greece, when all the gods were imperfect for once...They were fucking and sleeping and burping and shitting and whatever" The search for perfection is not one that produces results, and humans realized that at one point.
This is another example of an imperfect society. The fact that women in Kuwait have almost no freedoms leads a man to believe that if this woman looks free she must be a prostitute. Let me clarify though, the prostitution isn't the part that is imperfect. The imperfection stems from idea in this mans head that women couldn't be free.

I'm not perfect because nobody is

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